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15 Killer Websites for Web Developers

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Photo by Lee Campbell on Unsplash

As a front-end development engineer, you must have used many tools to increase your productivity. They can be websites, documentation, or a JavaScript library.

Today I want to share with you 15 interesting websites and I am sure you will like them.

1. JavaScript Regular Expression Visualizer


Are you the kind of person who doesn’t want to learn regex expressions because it looks complicated? Don’t worry, I used to be the same but not anymore. A visualization tool makes regular expressions easier to understand.

2. DevDocs


This website has documentation for various projects and also supports offline use.

3. cdnjs


Sometimes we need online resources for programming practice. cdnjs can help us find almost all open-source libraries.

4. Random Image


The internet’s source of freely-usable images. Powered by creators everywhere.

5. Smart WebP, PNG and JPEG compression


You may often need to compress images, tinypng is free to use and the compressed images have high definition.