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🐹 5 Awesome GO Projects: PDF Processor, Portmaster, Shiori, Memos, K6 Vol. 4

Tom Smykowski 38

In this article, I’ll tell you about 5 interesting projects developed using Go. Sit tight and enjoy some very interesting projects that showcase the true potential of what is possible using Go.

Go has emerged as a powerful and versatile tool for developers across various domains. With its simplicity, efficiency, and robustness, Go has become a go-to choice for building innovative projects.

pdfcpu: a Go PDF processor

Pdfcpu is a powerful PDF processing library written in Go. This project is all about working with PDF files simply and efficiently. With pdfcpu, you can easily manage and manipulate your PDF documents. Whether you want to combine multiple PDFs, split them into smaller parts, or add your own personal touch by adding stamps, pdfcpu has got you covered.

pdfcpu offers a range of powerful features that make working with PDF files a breeze. With this remarkable tool, you can merge multiple PDF documents into a single file, enabling you to organize your files more efficiently. On the other hand, if you need to extract specific pages or sections from a PDF, pdfcpu allows you to split your document effortlessly. It also empowers you to add watermarks, stamps, and annotations to your PDFs, giving them a personal touch. Additionally, pdfcpu offers comprehensive validation and repair capabilities, ensuring the integrity and correctness of your PDF files. With all these advanced features, pdfcpu proves to be powerful for all your tasks related to PDFs.


Are you concerned about your privacy and safety on the internet? Look no further than Portmaster, an innovative project designed to empower you with control over your digital footprint.