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7 React Native Open Source Projects to Become a Better Mobile App Developer

Farhan Tanvir 33

7 React Native Open Source Projects to Become a Better Mobile App Developer

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Farhan Tanvir
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Talk is cheap. Show me the code — Linus Torvalds

Reading a lot of code is one of the best ways to improve your development skills. The open-source project is the best place to learn about best practices, coding styles, and other subjects.

One of the most in-demand areas of software development is cross-platform mobile app development. React Native is one of the most powerful tools for building cross-platform mobile apps. Today, we’ll look at 7 open-source React Native projects that can help you improve your mobile app development skills.

1. Nmf-app

This is an app that can help to make the world better. This app will help you to understand and reduce your carbon footprint. Transport, food, electricity, streaming, clothing, cryptocurrency, purchases, and any kind of carbon emission are available in this app. You can also scan barcodes on food products to get the environmental impact of what you eat. You will be able to learn Expo, Redux Toolkit, Typescript, etc from this repository. You can check the app in PlayStore and AppStore.

2. Expo file manager

As you have guessed by the name this is a file manager app made with React Native & Expo. You can download files directly from the web using this app, as well as import and export photos and videos from and to photo galleries. Unless the phone is rooted, the files that the app manages are hidden within the app’s folder and not accessible through the phone’s default file manager.