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8 Awesome Benefits of Ruby on Rails Application Development

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8 Awesome Benefits of Ruby on Rails Application Development

Ruby on Rails is a popular web development technology. The open-source framework powers 3,986,500 websites over the web. Some of the biggest giants use the technology stack in their web applications. Rails-based web applications are highly robust, dynamic, and, most importantly — faster to build

That’s why Ruby on Rails app development is often the first choice of startups as well. IT reduces the application development time by 25% to 40%. The in-built modules, quickly configured development environment and easy syntax allow for rapid Ruby on Rails application development.

But who uses the framework? Ruby on Rails for web development is chosen by technology giants like Shopify, Airbnb, Basecamp, GitHub, Dribble, Fiverr, among several others. Even twitter used the technology stack in its initial stages of development. The company’s scalability capabilities enabled Twitter to become one of the biggest social networks in the world.

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Here are some of the leading websites that use Ruby on Rails application development specialization other than the ones mentioned above –

Why Ruby on Rails App Development is a Fantastic Choice

This article will highlight the 8 awesome advantages of Ruby on Rails application development for any business looking to get a digital solution. We will highlight why enterprises should hire Ruby on Rails developers as their first choice of development team for their next project.

Top 8 Benefits Why Ruby on Rails App Development is a Fantastic Choice

When a company wants a digital solution or software application but has no idea about what technology to choose, a Ruby on Rails company should be their preference. If the requirements are simple, scalable, and rapid, any software development company would suggest Ruby on Rails as the first technology to consider.

Here are 8 reasons that make Ruby on Rails the perfect choice for web application development -

Faster Prototyping

  • Even for a complex project, Ruby on Rails can help enterprises build a prototype within a couple of weeks. The development time comes down by 25% to 40% for Rails-based applications. Why is that?
  • There are several reasons for that. First of all — the object-oriented nature of Ruby simplifies creating elements in the application. Secondly, the code is lean and modular, there are hundreds of plugins that save time for writing code from scratch and integrated testing tools that enable developers to test the app without any third-party dependencies.

Cost-effective Framework

  • Since development doesn’t take a lot of time, companies can hire Ruby on Rails developers and get applications in a cost-effective manner. The longer it takes to build an app, the longer Ruby on Rails developers will be needed for the project. But the frameworks reduce the time, which ultimately leads to a low cost of development. Checkout: Why is Ruby on Rails our Preferred Framework for Web Applications.
  • On top of that, Rails is an open-source framework, which means that there are no licensing costs involved. To save more money, enterprises should consider outsourcing to a Ruby on Rails consulting company that could reduce the cost twofold.

High Performance

  • Ruby on Rails software development enables building high-performance applications. The convention over configuration and don’t repeat yourself principles enable developers to build apps that match the standard architecture of the top applications in the industry.
  • Apart from that, code optimization drastically improves the performance of the application. There are modules in Rails that can handle complex data-based requirements and offer computation capabilities as well.

Flexible Development

  • Ruby on Rails agile web development is highly flexible and provides the utmost adaptability. Rails is constantly updated, which enables companies to be flexible with their applications and meet the current technical requirements. Apart from that, Rails also allows developers to remove various elements, redefine them, and add modules later for any features that you might have missed.
  • Ruby in itself is a flexible programming language, one that has a lot of modules available and a clean syntax that is easily understandable by developers at any stage in the development process.

Security and Stability

  • Since Ruby on Rails has matured and grown a lot through the years, it is a highly stable and secure framework. The in-built security mechanisms ensure that the web application is completely secure from threats and vulnerabilities. Ruby on Rails provides protection from cross-site scripting, SQL injections, cross-site request forgery, insecure direct object reference or forceful browsing, and much more.
  • Apart from that, it provides security from different types of web-based attacks, phishing, and even social engineering attacks in some cases.

Diverse Applications

  • Whether companies are looking to build e-commerce applications or information portals, or even CMS software, Ruby on Rails has the power to develop them all. Rails is also a useful platform for building SaaS products, FinTech applications, healthcare solutions, social networking websites, logistics solutions, and much more.
  • Today, Ruby on Rails has found its way in almost all industries of the world. But these remain the top ones that utilize Ruby on Rails developers for their software requirements.

Wide Community

  • Ruby on Rails developers have one of the largest communities on GitHub and one of the biggest repositories as well. The Ruby on Rails community offers the best of both the world — practical as well as theoretical. There’s enough documentation for new developers to understand the entire structure of the Ruby on Rails development framework.
  • Apart from that, Ruby on Rails web developers are easily available and support each other on different projects as well. Today, Rails developers have gained enough experience to leverage it for building highly complex projects. Checkout guide to hire Ruby on Rails developers.

Scalable Applications

  • For any enterprise, scalability is a big challenge. When traffic multiplies, companies want an application that can handle the load. When companies ask why use Ruby on Rails for web development, they want to know whether the framework is scalable or not. Needless to say, Rails can handle hundreds and thousands of requests simultaneously.
  • Shopify is one of the best examples of a scalable web application that handles thousands of user requests at once. The platform boasts of having 300,000+ customers that use its service for their ecommerce websites.

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Wrapping Up

Ruby on Rails for web development is the perfect choice for enterprises and startups that want a dynamic, scalable, and powerful application for a low cost and within a deadline. Many people say that Rails is dying or the end of Rails is near — but that’s nowhere near the truth. Today, there are hundreds of companies that use Ruby on Rails for their prototypes and software solutions. It is the perfect technology for companies that want a lightweight software solution without much complexity.

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