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A 20-year-experienced CTO’s Advice “Don’t Be a Humble Developer”

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A 20-year-experienced CTO’s Advice “Don’t Be a Humble Developer”

I think 90% of the developers are victims of their modesty!!

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I was scrolling reels on Instagram. Then a nice and funny video came to my feed. In that reel, An spiritual coach(guru) called Sadhguru made a funny but thoughtful joke. Before talking further, I need to say… I am not a follower or fan of his, but I like some of his philosophies.

Let’s get back to the reel. Sadhguru and an Indian actor talking about God, depression, and why people get depressed. Sadhguru made a joke at the end of the reel that If anyone feels lonely, then they are bad company. 😆 (He meant if they were good company, they might not feel lonely in the first place. Rather, They would enjoy their “alone” time.)

Why am I telling you this? Because I realize one very important side of life. Life is never fair. But we make it harder and more complex by doing nothing about it. We somehow daydream and think that the fairness of life will give us what we really deserve.

And The last line was exactly told by Mr. Andrew(a fake name, I ask every guest-interviewee if I can reveal their identity in my article, but as it’s their decision, I respect their decision). He has been in the software development industry for over 20 years. He is now a CTO in his company for 5 years.

We talked about many things. But I will focus only on one very important topic that most good developers suffer in their lifetime at least once. That is… Good developers are often so humble that they don’t even know how to take credit for their work. They think their work will talk for themselves.

He talked brutally about “this” ignorance of good developers.

Why some great devs don’t get what they deserve

We discussed why some great developers don’t get their deserved recognition or financial benefits, and sometimes, some mediocre devs achieve more than the good ones.

He first replied with just one line…

Life is not fair.