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Software development has become the basis of all advancements we see nowadays. Thanks to the emerging and fast adoption of AI as well as machine learning, the software development lifecycle has been effectively transformed from code to deployment. Enterprises have practically embraced all these advanced technologies in their software development process because they provide the needful benefits such as:

● facilitating the processing of large sums of data.

● enabling the computer to perform actions that were once allocated to humans only.

● enhancing strategic decision-making.

● improving price forecasting through data analysis

● rapid prototyping

● improving business productivity and efficiency

As the topmost AI-driven software development company, Convrtx offers unparalleled artificial intelligence software development Services at cost-effective prices.

We strive to deliver high-quality, relevant, and satisfactory custom Artificial Intelligence software development Services according to your business requirements. More so, we always keep tracking and adopting emerging technologies and tools to deliver pleasing solutions to the clients.

The Tools We Use to Develop Impactful AI Software Solutions:


We use this machine learning library mainly for production and research that facilitates timely set-up, training, and delivering artificial neural systems containing a larger amount of data. Its functionality is pretty decent because it is backed up by community support and can be deployed on desktops, mobiles, CPUs, Clusters, and others.


This open-source deep learning platform is an AI software that is business-oriented and facilitates the decision-making process from data. Both standard H20 and Sparkling Water(paid version) can effectively be employed for risk and fraud analysis, insurance analytics, advertising technology, healthcare, and customer intelligence.


This is an AI-enabled voice-search assistant. It can carry out several duties such as answering your queries, set reminders, switching on lights, placing an order, and others. Cortana can be used on operating systems such as Windows, iOS, Xbox, OS and can support several languages, likes English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, and others.

Google Assistant

This google virtual assistant can be used on smartphones and smart devices which have iOS, Android, or KaiOS operating systems. Using different languages like Italian, German, French, English, Hindi, Swedish, Russian and more, you can

browse or search information on the internet, schedule events.

set Alarms and others.

AI Software Development Process

Our machine learning engineers have top-notch, multidisciplinary knowledge and skills in developing satisfactory AI software that perfectly fulfills your business requirements. All you need is to entrust your AI software project idea into our hands and then we’ll transform it into a tangible product. We’ve adopted an effective Al software development lifecycle with the following steps:

● Defining goals and problems

In this stage, our team utilizes natural language processing to enable the machine to know the user’s requirements, and it automatically converts natural language into high-level software models. Machine data in the form of logs or metrics play a crucial role in employing machine-learning strategies for software development.

● Data gathering

This phase comprises understanding the useful data to gather, collection mechanisms, the format of data, and others.

● Data preparation

Here, we make sure we collect and prepare appropriate data by making sure the collected data is reduced, thoroughly cleaned, decomposed, and rescaled.

● Model learning

Unlike getting instructions from a human, the AI software model in this phase learns from data(code or functions) repetitively and less predictably so that it must identify the appropriate performance goal of a project.

● Model deployment and integration

This comprises several strategies which include:

Feature engineering — involves the development of better and new features that can be included in the model.

Section of algorithms — involves selecting the model that works best with the available data.

Optimization — involves polishing the most important meta parameters for each model.

Model launching — involves deploying the best-performing AI software into action.

● AI software management

After your AI software has been successfully launched, our support team will be always available to provide maintenance services.

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