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Angular 17 — Angular Renaissance 🌟

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Angular 17 — Angular Renaissance

What’s new in Angular 17?

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Hi there 👋

Angular v17 is coming soon (on 8th November)! And with all the new things and features added so far,

It’s the renaissance of Angular

Angular has come a long way, and if you’re interested, you can explore my article on Angular’s path to its renaissance:

Let’s see what we have in v17!


And discover the Angular team’s suprise by the end of this article!

⭐️ Deferred rendering in templates 🤯

I give it a 🏆 + a ❤️ as this feature is incredible. From v17 and on, we can lazy load components in Angular templates. This will definitely change the whole way of building our template in Angular!

It offers much more than simple lazy loading. You can utilize triggers to load deferred component chunks, optionally prefetch dependencies if desired, and much more. This dedicated article covers all the whereabouts of this 🤯 feature, including how to unit test it ✔️.

⭐️ Built-in control flow

I’ve previously discussed the new Angular control flow in several articles. Now, it’s official and ready for use. The new built-in control flow is remarkably intuitive, simple, and lightweight: