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Angular app powered by generative AI with Google’s PaLM API

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Angular app powered by generative AI with Google’s PaLM API

Building “Tell Me a Story” app powered by ML

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Angular app powered by generative AI with Google PaLM API

Hi there 👋

Google has recently introduced the MakerSuite tool and PaLM API, making prototyping apps powered by Generative AI so easy and quick without being an expert in Machine Learning.

I joined the September 2023 #MakerSuiteSprint challenge and decided to build an Angular app powered by this API!

Many things are important to explain in this article, which makes the article long. Here is the plan of the article to make it easy for you to navigate through the article without getting lost 😅

→ 🔍Search Tab

→ 📖 Read Tab

→ 📚 Library Tab

Generative AI

Generative AI employs machine learning models to create content (such as images, text, sounds, etc.). In the case of PaLM, we utilize Large Language Models (LLMs), which are neural networks designed to process input text (similar to the text we provide to ChatGPT). LLMs can be trained on various types of data; they can generate code or be trained on extensive datasets containing a wide range of text.


- Without PaLM API

In machine learning, if we want to build any ML-powered app, we need to train data, actually thousands and thousands of data (the more, the better). This takes time, and you need a robust computer.

- With PaLM API

You can rapidly prototype even without prior experience in machine learning. Thanks to the newly introduced PaLM API, developers can now access Google’s cutting-edge LLMs hosted in the Cloud. More interestingly, it can be used with different programming languages.

  • Accessing the PaLM API through the browser MakerSuite