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As a Programmer: 8 VSCode Extensions That You Should Use🔧

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As a Programmer: 8 VSCode Extensions That You Should Use🔧

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Visual Studio Code has a vibrant extension ecosystem that helps make developers’ lives easier.

In this article, I’ll recommend 8 handy utility extensions that can boost your productivity and coding experience. Let’s dive in!

1、Image Preview

When working on projects, referencing image files (both local and online) is inevitable. Sometimes we may accidentally use the wrong path or wrong image due to carelessness. This extension helps avoid such issues.

It shows a preview thumbnail next to the code line containing the image path. If no preview shows up or it is not the expected image, the path must be wrong. This allows catching and fixing errors immediately.

2、Better Comments

A plugin to beautify comments by using different colors based on comment types for clarity at a glance.

It comes with default colored comment types out-of-the-box, and allows customizing any color/type via VSCode config.

3、Live Server

As a web developer, a local dev server is often needed to preview sites. Tools like node’s http-server or python’s http.server can do this, but requires leaving the editor to run CLI commands which is inconvenient, especially for beginners.

Live Server lets you launch a local server and auto-open pages directly within VSCode. Just open…