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Blue Brain Technology: A Wonder or Destruction of Human Race?

Wania Siddiqui 25

We are most thrilled by the Sci-fi movies and the awesome technologies used in it, and we almost every time wonder that is its actually possible in real life scenario. In this blog I am going to turn your brains blue (pun intended) by this astonishing technology called “BLUE BRAIN TECHNOLOGY”.

Everything is theoretically impossible, until it is done.

- Robert A. Heinlein


Brain is the most important and complex organ of human body that enables us to perform each and every task as basic as breathing and blinking our eyes, an average human brain can store 2.5 million gigabytes equivalent of digital memory. But the tragedy is that all that information is lost when a person dies, to overcome this issue The institute of Brain and Mind of École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausannen in Switzerland founded this project in May 2005. Henry John Markham is the director ,who also launched the Human Brain Project, co-directed by Felix Schürmann, Adriana Salvatore and Sean Hill. Blue Brain Project(BBP) is a virtual machine powered by artificial neural networks(ANNs),it is an advanced branch of artificial intelligence(AI).


· A Super computer (IBM’s Blue gene computer)

· Processor with very high processing power.

· Micro circuit

· A program to convert electric impulses from the brain and convert them into input signals which will be received by computer and vice versa.

· Powerful nanobots which acts as an interface between computer and human brain.


The information is transferred to the Supercomputer by nanobots, micro circuits are fitted inside the nanobots that simulate the working of neurons,they are very tiny robots that can travel inside the spine and central nervous system and reach brain.Where they scan the activity of neurons and send signals to the software know as BBP-SDK,the collected data is stored in databases in IBM’s Blue gene supercomputer that will be used for simulation of the virtual brain. Along the way it might be an actual human brain that has the ability to think on its own.