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Changing the Way We Monetize Music

Sang Koh 23

Is technology good or bad for music? As a musician, I can not deny the role of technology in allowing me to do what I do. It helps me to connect and share with others and has essentially removed the geographic distance between us all. However, when I take a step back, it is difficult to ignore the financial erosion and decline of musicians in the industry, ironically, from technology.

Let’s look at the music industry now. Streaming services now dominate the flow of music from the artists to the listeners. At the end of the day, only 1% of the profits end up in the artists’ pockets, and this percentage is set to decrease as profits of the music industry as a whole grows while royalty rates for artists remain stagnant.

Controlling the flow of music has allowed streaming services to reign supreme, and we would like to change that with our AI.

We believe that there are two reasons why technology is the solution for, well, technology. One of the key issues for artists is that music is static. Once the audio file is created and published, the artist relinquishes all control. It can be copied, streamed, pirated… the artist just has no idea. This is the main reason why artists are at a disadvantage from the get go.

AI can change this by allowing artists to create fluid music — music that is constantly changing. Artists can configure their own AI using our API to generate endless music that is individually unique and yet retain the original essence of the artists’ style. It is no longer the song that is the final product but the musical style, which endlessly evolves.

Creative process for making fluid music. Find out more on www.anima-ai.com

While having fluid music is great, it still does not address the issues of sharing. How can artists share their musical style without giving up control?

This is where our first product Emuji comes into play. Emuji is a text-to-music converter that can convert any text into a customized song. By training our Emuji Engine with their own music, artists can create their own Emuji genres that can be accessed by users to create their own customized songs to share as greetings, advertisements, ringtones, and messages.

Screenshot of our three publicly available Emuji genres. Try them at www.emuji.app
Process of making your own Emuji genre using our AI engine.

An added plus: the benefits of what we are doing extends far beyond musicians. With YouTube and other streaming services expanding their audio advertising, businesses can create their own Emuji genres to enhance their brand image through genres that users can share. Emoji has been vital to business marketing so why not Emuji?

Along with creating a new avenue for expressions to connect with one another, our aim is to build a community of musicians and music-lovers who want to generate high-quality, endless customized music that benefits everyone. We are beta-releasing our Emuji with three genres here. See how our tech works, and hopefully, you will see the immense potential of what we are doing. We look forward to speaking with you on Reddit, Discord, and Twitter. Help us to make our product better for you. Hope you enjoy Emuji!

Many thanks,

Sang Koh and Hang Chu, Co-Founders of Anima-AI