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Coords Go — Take your game to the next level!

Heber Almeida 62

Developed by a Brazilian player for the community, Coords Go is an innovative App that has moved the audience of Pokemon Go players in Brazil and over 70 countries. Coords Go has Android and Web versions, is available in 3 languages: Portuguese, Spanish and English, and the coolest thing: It’s good for all players.

Regardless of the type of gps used, Coords Go will improve your game progress!

According to the creator of Coords Go, the App initially came up with one function: Clear Coords, which today is the Get Coords menu and manages to clear all types of coordinates, generating a list with links to copy, including the distance to the next point. He says that the application first came from the desire to facilitate his own game and then help all others players. At this moment the app is completely free for the final user.

Currently, one of the functions most accessed by the more than 4,000 users (just a month after its official launch) is the Pokestops Missions function, which provides coordinates for existing missions in the game in 5 cities, always with updated local times, and when selecting, all coordinates come with a Copy link, which makes super easy to share coordinates. By the way, it also can be shared on Whatsapp with a direct link next to the Missions. And this function also has a bonus: When selecting a mission, it assembles the route, shows on the map, making it easier to choose the path to be taken and also allows you to download the route in GPX format, a format well known by players who use alternative apps.

Another feature, among several that deserves to be mentioned, is the Events tab, highlighting the local time, this function lists all events that are happening at the moment and the time to finish. And of the events that are yet to start, it shows how much time is left to happen, so that the player can prepare, already heading to the event location exactly on time.

The application is very light, only 4Mb download, and can be used even by older Android versions (4.4 and above), demonstrating a good performance in hardware tests performed by dozens of volunteers. The web version works in all modern browsers and can be accessed even on IOS systems. It is worth mentioning that the App has a session of tutorials in ES and PT made by youtubers from different countries and regions, who volunteered to support the project.

In summary, Coords Go is a very stable application, it has been receiving updates with the addition of new features constantly. It is available to the entire Pokemon Go community for free and made with love and care.

If you want to know more, go to: https://coords.heber.com.br or download the app on Google play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=br.com.heber.coords .