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Don’t Ask Others After Reading this nextTick

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Abstract: This article will explore nextTick the methods in Vue in depth, first introduce its background and usage, then analyze its underlying principles, and finally discuss the nextTick common usage scenarios. By reading this article, you'll nextTick gain a deeper understanding of how things work in Vue. (It is expected to take 5 minutes to read this article)

1. The background of nextTick

In Vue, DOM updates are performed asynchronously, which means that when we modify the data, the DOM will not be updated immediately, but will be updated in the next tick (update cycle). Vue provides nextTick methods to handle the need to execute a callback function after the DOM update is complete. nextTick method can push callback functions into a callback queue, and execute these callback functions at the next tick.

2. The use of nextTick

Calling a method on a Vue instance $nextTick , or using Vue.nextTick a method, can add a callback function to nextTick the queue. Here is nextTick a simple example of usage:

// used inside the Vue instance
this. $nextTick(() => {
// Callback function executed after DOM update

// use global method
Vue. nextTick(() => {
// Callback function executed after DOM update
  1. Use $nextTick the method to wait for the DOM update to complete:
  • Wait for the DOM update to complete by calling a method on the Vue instance $nextTick.
  • $nextTick perform operations that need to be performed after the DOM is updated in the callback function of .
  1. Example:
new Vue({
data() {
return {
message: 'Hello, Vue!',
methods: {
updateData() {
this. message = 'Updated message';
this. $nextTick(() => {
// Execute the callback function after the DOM update is complete
console.log(this.message); // output 'Updated message'
// perform other operations
  1. Execute the callback function in the next tick of the asynchronous update queue:
  • In Vue.js, data updates are asynchronous, and multiple data modifications will be merged into one update.