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Electric Vehicles future in India

Atharva Parakh 20

Few days back I came across a guy on Quora. He was asking some of his concerns regarding Electric Vehicle future in India, I am no expert in this field but I am an EV enthusiast so I dig some info and have shared my opinions on these questions. So give it a read and let me know your response.

1.Porsche was the first company in the world which introduced hybrid technology almost 100+years ago. Till date how many vehicles have proper hybrid tech except some high end luxury cars?

-If world didn’t adapted to hybrid technology in more than 100years how a 3rd world country would adapt to electric vehicles in near future?

-Electric vehicle is not a new concept it is a century old tech but why no country even developed ones had fully implemented it?

yeah it’s true that electric vehicle is a very old concept but in the earlier years when It originated till around 2000 , we never had the proper technology and resources to implement it practically with outcome of good performance and low cost but you can see the massive revolution has taken place in the last two decades. For example in early days they used to keep big battery stack with no proper positioning and nowadays the battery position is placed at the bottom of the car which provide an overall stability to the car ,it may look a small thing but it came to existence after a century. Same with motor efficiency, it increased exponentially in last two decades by introducing motors like Synchronous Reluctance Motor(SRM) and Permanent Magnet Assistant Synchronous Motor(PMASM).

If I talk about Hybrid Vehicles, in my opinion you cannot do half ass two things and expect very efficient output so hybrid is never the solution and it’s not even now.

2. India or consider whole south east Asia do we even get electricity 24x7 & 365days? Many of Our electricity boards are working in huge loses to meet the increasing electricity demand of India. Will it not put more load on already loaded power sector?

I mean Yes, Electricity source is a concern if you look at limited sources .As EV industry is progressing exponentially daily so does the solar and wind energy industry and I don’t have the exact numbers right now but especially solar energy industry is doing really great all over the world. In India companies like Tata Power, Suzlon, JSW Energy, RENEW Power, etc. are leading in the Renewable Energy Market.

And in few years enough maximum amount energy of our grid will be from solar and other renewable sources

3.More electricity will need more coal as till now India is heavily dependent on coal for electricity production ,renewable energy is just at initial stage. More demand will not cause more burning of coal and pollution ultimately?

Now to talk about coal consumption, this question has been raised so many times to answer to this if you compare a gasoline car and an EV you need to understand that Gasoline car s runs only and only on gasoline(Petrol ,Diesel)on the other hand EV runs on electricity generated by coal as well as by renewable energy sources. So this is one factor and even if we neglect the renewable energy factor for now the amount of coal consumption by a gasoline car is far far more than the amount a EV will consume for the same outcome. To get more info on this one I will recommend you to watch video I have mentioned here where u will get all facts and actual number regarding this and then you can analyze the situation for yourself(https://youtu.be/G67i_Z8ukD4).

4.To have maximum range, more battery is to be packed into the vehicle. And with all the safety considerations, you are left with a car with a battery pack that is so densely packed and so it is not recyclable. China & many other nations has recently raised concerns over this. Disposable of these lithium batteries would be the biggest headache we will be encountering. And this will overthrow all the benefits you this an electric car would provide?

To being completely honest Battery Disposal issue is really a big concern .As now its clear that Electric mobility is the future more than hundreds of companies are turning towards EV but I think mostly of those companies haven’t done the maths before entering in it. As manufacturing of EVs increases the demand of lithium batteries also increasing drastically. Also the Battery Technology, its manufacturing Process and whole transportation chain is another times topic of discussion. So these companies need to work on what will they do after the life of an EV battery ends. To talk about a EV battery its life is around 10 years in general so for 10 years we won’t face any issue and after its life is over and it needs to be change of course you will need a new battery I get it but this old battery won’t be useless you can use this for household purposes which comparatively need so less energy consumption. Also the thing about EV battery structure is it comes with large amount of small cell packages in the whole EV battery so their size won’t be an issue and even after using it for low scale applications eventually after some specific time its life will degrade more and eventually you have to get rid of it. So for the Recycling Purpose there are already startups which are working on, for example Redwood Materials it’s CEO is JB Straubel ,who is working on this lithium battery recycling project also he is the ex CTO of Tesla company and played big role in success of Tesla Battery system and also development of Tesla Giga Factory. This is just one example there are other companies like Li-cycle, Aceleron, ReCell Centre, Global Battery Alliance, etc. also are working for recycling lithium batteries so this will surely minimize our concerns. In India companies like Ziptrax Cleantech, Gravita India, ACE Green Recycling Inc, etc. have initiated this job. For reference(https://youtu.be/bB-eFc1KWmc).

5.Till now normal and cheapest electric car available for people takes almost half a day to charge completely. Where as petrol/diesel or even CNG fueled cars takes at max 5–10mins to get full tank. So how much reliable will be electric vehicles on long highway drives?

-A 10 hour journey with normal car could cost 20 hours in electric considering its charging times. Do we have this much patience? Even if technology improves will it charge the full car within 15mins in near 10years?

Next is EV charging, another famous question regarding EVs, so here it says EV takes a half a day to charge that’s little exaggeration in my opinion. Concept of Fast charging had already been enabled to charge an EV around 80% in just 45 mins or even less time which is plenty where it used to be earlier. I know people will compare those 5 mins tank full with this 45 mins …so to comment on that, see EVs we have now in action have really come so far in terms of range, Battery and every other aspects and they provide a very good range (Tesla ,Tata EVs, etc). Also in terms of charging EV has a massive benefit over gasoline car is that you don’t have gasoline stock at home that you will refill your tank whenever you want but it’s not the issue with EVs. After buying an EV you can set a Home Charger for your EV and trust me it’s gonna be very beneficial for you in the long run as I said EVs have good range in average so range anxiety or constant charging or time to wait won’t be an issue you can use your car for couple of days with one charge and then set it up for charging at the night of course it’s for day to day life where you don’t need to cover a hell of a long distance but it won’t be same case if you are travelling from to city to city or with very large distance so for that issue we are building suitable and efficient charging infrastructure which will Minimize our concerns. Also fast charging is developing over the time, it will sure reduce the charging time. Also there are some other modern methods of charging like Wireless charging or Battery swap method which we will get to see in future so let’s see how it develops.(https://youtu.be/6iNlM6dEdBM)

6. Will the cheapest electric car be available at a cost of alto?

Or it will be just a gimmick and pampered toy for riches only?

Last but not the least Upfront cost, First thing we need to keep in mind is that the cost of an EV is obviously gonna be more than gasoline cars. If we want those extra benefits over gasoline cars we will have to pay at least little bit more and in long run it will be beneficial for you because of the huge difference in the prizes of petrol and electricity units (Rs110/ litre -Rs10/unit)so you do the rest of the math but still I know India is a economic sensitive country so I know people will still freak out about the prices but they need to realize it’s an investment for future and also as technology will develop there Sure will be some major dropouts in the prices of EVs for example a normal tesla is around’ 45–50k dollars but right now they are working on a 25K dollars EV, which will be more affordable and still give good performance. Big companies like Tata Mahindra also many emerging startups in Indian EV industry are working on the affordable solutions. so what I m saying is I know shifting to EVs is a big change and it won’t come right away. It will take time, but it sure will solve many issues globally.