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Funneling New Members To Your Membership Directory

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The membership sales funnel as we use the term when we mention a directory business, is a visual aid used to explain a prospective member’s journey. As the name itself suggests, the sales funnel is depicted as a cone, with the pointed end at the bottom, further divided into a series of stages.

The largest stage represents the attraction of as many prospective members or visitors or potential customers as possible. As the potential members pass through the narrowing funnel, unlikely subscribers are filtered out while others are nurtured until converted into paying members at your membership directory.

What needs to be done:

Awareness Comes First

Stage one in all the membership sales funnel is awareness. If nobody is aware of you being out there, they’re fewer chances that they come back searching for your business. Developing a technique to inform people you exist (and keep reminding them) is perhaps the most effective decision you’ll ever create.

Note that you just won’t be creating any sales at the awareness stage. The first and foremost purpose here is to supply one thing useful while not trying to sell a product, service, or subscription.

Provide Solutions To Problems

The easiest way to raise awareness of your community is to provide them with content that addresses the challenges your customers face regularly from day today. As a membership website manager, you’ll inevitably have data that’s valuable to your target trade and should therefore make and create it to make it readily available.

Create A Landing Page

One of the most effective practices is to make a dedicated landing page that hosts your valuable content. Don’t attempt to sell your service on this page. Merely demonstrate your experience and encourage your visitors to continue browsing or to request further data.

Don’t Forget Your CTA

Without a Call To Action (CTA), a landing page is a little less useful. The purpose of using informative engaging content is to draw in potential customers who would mostly be unaware of your existence. Once you’ve gotten new visitors to your page, you would like them to stay around, thus you would like to produce several calls to action that encourage potential members to request further data.

These CTAs can be linked to words, banners, videos, etc. For example, you’ll have a banner providing a brochure on the highest ten free selling resources for your industry. By clicking the banner, guests are directed to a page where the information is freely obtainable, however solely on the condition that they enter their name and email on a simple form. Thus you have converted a prospect into a lead and moved them on to the next stage of the sales funnel.

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