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I’m a big fan of social media, all of them and spend tons of hours on Facebook, linked in, Facebook and others but even I love my spotify more because whats life without melody? The new social media niche of audio drop in platforms is the next big thing and is here to stay and if you’re sleeping on them the wake up because everyone’s bought into the hype.

Lets take Derrick as a Hypothetical use case, he’s a content producer and upcoming artist lets see how gist coin makes his life and career better

GISTCOIN is a decentralized peer to peer ledger system for the monetization and gamification of social media its aims to revolutionize the audio based social media universe.

Derrick currently faces issues with promoting his craft on Existing audio based social media platforms and among the reason for that is that when he and other top influencers create content they cant seem to attract enough listeners and also can’t seem to efficiently charge this listeners for access to this premium content of theirs there’s also no effective method through which they could get tips from generous listeners and also no feature set in place to earn money from the platforms for this content they produce because its only commonsensical that they earn compensation for their content well at least that was until Derrick read about GISTCOIN and learnt how much it changes the game for him and his crew and gives more than enough to both be grateful for right now and also to be optimistic about in the future.

With gistcoin derrick enjoys flexibility because the platform its compatible with current social media platforms that Derrick and his group of content creator and influencer friends already have thousands of followers and also the greatest solution to their headaches mainly being that they can’t get a fair compensation for the content they produce e.g twitter spaces

Here they get to charge people for access to their premium audio rooms, earn from an already established pools as a reward for producing premium content and also can receive tiops from listeners who enjoyed the content through a transparent system and in a denomination with actual monetary value i.e Gistcoin itself and derrick as such is beyond happy because he needs all the support he can get from well wishers to boost his career from only being ban upcoming artiste currently to something much more.

But its not just content creators alone that stand to benefit you can also join the crowdsale that’s currently gioiug on and lay your hands on a token that has a real life use case as we’ve seen but nits also deflationary in nature and also has great tokenomics with a great supply and great allocations that will see it remain at the very stable heading into the future

But even though that’s a lot that’s being said the benefits still don’t stop there because there’s still new projects in the works heading into the future such a gistcoin’s personal wallet that’s is set to roll out over the course of the next couple of months and did I mention that one ETH gives you 64,000 gist and there’s bonuses for premium buyers? This project rounds up with a well thought out roadmap as well as a highly experienced team of professionals behind its back to fully ensure that all is handled smoothly, professionally and securely check the following links for more details

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Username: Modibzcrypto

Website: https://gistcoin.io/

Whitepaper: https://gistcoin.io/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/GISTCOIN-CROWDSALE-WHITEPAPER-SEPT-9TH.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/gistcoin

Twitter: https://twitter.com/gistcoin360