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Hire Android App Developer On Fiverr July USA 2021


Introduction: Hire Android App Developer On Fiverr July USA 2021

Don’t you have a good idea for a mobile app, but you are not so confident in your coding and design skills. In such a case hire of an android app developer would make a lot of sense.

Today’s trick is to find an android app developer that won’t cost the earth and can transform your vision into reality. With so Many freelance app developers around. you might find it difficult to locate someone with experience.

Each app developer is an expert in their own niche so be sure to find someone according to your project.

Things To Consider Before Hiring Android App Developer:

As mobile app development is so popular that pulling out a real pro from a pool of candidates is not easy. However, if you know in your mind that what you need to develop then you will easily do this job. Here are some tips to consider:

1. App Type: Does your app is going to be an extension for your business or do you see it as a startup. Will it be simple or complex. From which category does it belong. Education, lifestyle or entertainment?.

Always be ready to answer these questions before hiring someone.

2. Experience And Skills: Depending on the app type, consider what tech stack you want.

3. Communication And The Ability To Work Remotely: Communication is essential especially with offshore companies. Before going into detail try to contact it first via mail, chat or arrange a phone call meeting.

4. Budget: Always discuss the budget ahead of time. Apart from the development charges also consider the other expenses. Like testing, deployment, and some other services.

Mark one thing, never prioritize price over the quality of work.

5. Deadline: Always discuss the deadline of work and see if it is reasonable or not.

6. Look For A Developer That Can Guide You: There are always several ways to develop one app with different codes. So if your developer has some better solution always put it into consideration.

7. Look For A Long Term Relationship: The development of an application does not get stopped after its release. There is always processed feedback with time.

Vendors that have already overlooked your app can easily fix bugs. They can also add some new features and can make your app even easier to use. That’s why a long-term relationship is a must.

10. Compatibility: Always make sure that time, zone, various communication tools aren’t obstacles to a successful project.

Hire Android App Developer On Fiverr July USA 2021: Skillset They Should Know

Building an Android application requires a deep understanding of programming and designing. The mobile screens are small and have a simple processor. This means the android developer needs to keep code flexible. So what does it take to become an application developer?

The developer needs to have a proper understanding of Java. Java is the programming language that underpins all android development. Secondly, the developer should have an understanding of XML. XML has been created as a standard way to encode data for internet-based applications.

Thirdly the developer should have knowledge about Android SDK. SDK stands for the software development kit. Though it may conjure images of a briefcase full of spy tools. It is basically a fancy name to a set of pre-packaged codes. The developer should also have knowledge about APIS.

APIS is basically used to connect applications with any third-party services. For example, you Google APIS to locate your users. So that you can help them to search for local places or reference a map within an app.

Fourthly is Databases. Your app holds lots of large data and needs to interact with a database with living outside the phone. Nowadays most of the app developer prefers to use firebase to store data in the cloud.

The developer should know how to work with the SQ lite database if your user needs to use the app offline.

The last is basic material design. Unlike Google or Apple didn’t change their app design consistently. Google has its own set of design guidelines known as material design.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire Android Developer?

The rates of a mobile app developer for hire varies from country to country. Like in the USA it is about 100–200$ per hour. While in India, Nepal, Europe, and Pakistan it is about 8–10$ per hour.

Ukraine seems to be a golden mean by charging 25–70$ per hour with a high level of competency.

I think you have got the answer to “How much does it cost to hire someone to build an App”

Hire Android App Developer On Fiverr July USA 2021: Pros

  • Hiring a freelancer is often the most efficient way to gain access to a worldwide base of knowledge.
  • There is no need to pay for workplace appliances. You just have to pay for the job itself.
  • As an employee, there are fewer responsibilities. Once the project is delivered, the working relationship is ended or paused.
  • There is a large pool of talents.
  • You will be getting writers at low rates.
  • You can also check the previous client’s reviews.

Hire Android App Developer On Fiverr July USA 2021: Cons

  • There are some potential security issues. As you are letting an outsider has complete access to it.
  • To keep track and managing several multiple tasks, a contractor is required.
  • Unless the freelancer has a long-term relationship with your company. They are personally less invested in your future endeavors due to the temporary nature of the job.
  • There is no guarantee of quality work.
  • Possible changes in the language barrier.
  • In the end, you have to manage all things by yourself.

How Much Does A Freelance Android Developer Make?

Being a beginner, it would take time for you to understand the freelance community. Freelance platforms provide you badges, rewards after you successfully complete your work.

The pay depends on the project you are working on and the one who is paying you. Some average is just above $ 1k per month depending on the revenue module. Suppose for the 500-minute usage the developer gets 2–3 $ from ads displayed.

The competition on the freelancer websites is high and pricing is less. So the developer that doesn’t own an app makes way less. Some way if your app gets hosted on Google pay. Then the pay depends on the number of downloads.

How Do I Hire Android Developers?

Hiring an android developer is the way to go for many big companies. You can hire android app developers from many popular platforms easily.

Saying in a nutshell they all are the same. You just have to go to the website and set up your client account. Create a job post and wait for the perfect candidate to send their job application.

I prefer you to do a prior discussion on how you two gonna work together.

I hope you have understood How to hire an Android app developer. So don’t waste your time and grab the best one for yourself. And make your app for some productive output.

Conclusion: Hire Android App Developer On Fiverr July USA 2021

Always keep one thing in mind that the process of hiring an android app developer shouldn’t be done in rush. During the time of hiring pay attention to their skills, references, and communication skills.

The choice of your will depend on multiple factors. Like the type of app, business requirements, budgets, deadlines. Depending on the type of your project you can select what suits you more.