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How Did this Health & Wellness Company Increase Online Engagement and Save Customer Support Hours…

Ronnie Nelson 42

The majority of consumers are spending more time online and the need to automate and optimize the experience is greater than ever. Over the last few years you’ve probably heard a lot about adding a conversational chatbot to your marketing strategy or perhaps you’ve seen chatbots on other sites and have always wondered if they are right for your brand.

Chatbots have seen a 92% increase in usage of since 2019 and that number is growing. With user acceptance at an all-time high, now may be the right time to integrate this communication tool into your brand strategy. In this post we’ll cover how LifeApps, a popular wellness platform, saved countless customer support hours a week and increased online engagement with the help of a sophisticated Bavard chatbot.‍

About LifeApps — A Health & Wellness Company

LifeApps, a division of Lifeomic, empowers individuals to take control of their health. They’ve built a set of applications that allow individuals to track their eating habits, set objectives, and ultimately live healthier lives. With over four million downloads around the world, this startup is growing quickly, which means their support demand has also gone through the roof.

Their Challenges

Because of the nature of their product, the support team at LifeApps was getting hundreds of emails, comments, and DMs a day asking various, often repetitive, questions like:

“Will drinking coffee break my fast?”
“What should I do to prevent Alzheimer’s?”
“How many carbs are in a banana?”

In response to many of these inquiries, LifeApps has created robust blogs and white papers that cover a variety of topics relating to health. Although many of their users appreciate this online content and take advantage of the access, many others prefer a more direct approach to getting answers to their questions.‍

What They Wanted to Solve

LifeApps wanted to provide users a second, supplemental way to find answers to their questions, while still offering human-like interaction. In addition, they wanted to increase users’ awareness of health-related information and decrease the workload for their support team. But they wanted to ensure they were sticking with personalized customer service following their company values.

Enter Bavard’s Conversational AI Chatbot

LifeApps decided to build and implement Bavard’s sophisticated, AI-powered chatbot to increase customer engagement and awareness, improve the customer’s overall experience,and reduce workload for support staff. They used the robust content they already had on-hand to fuel the knowledge base that went into training their chatbot, giving it the ability to solve users’ queries on its own.Implementation was simple, with an easy plugin that allowed them to deploy their chatbot in seconds.

What Kind of Results Have They Seen Since Implementing the Chatbot?

LifeApps users can now quickly get to the resources and answers they need without having to wait in a queue to talk to a live agent or read through dozens of blog posts they don’t have time for. They can now ask the chatbot questions like, “How do I use this feature on the app?” and get directed to the right instruction list or video tutorial. They can ask, “What is autophagy?” and get an answer telling them that autophagy is the natural recycling of old senescent cells.

Since implementing this new communication tool, LifeApps has saved 8+ hours a week for the customer support team allowing them to focus on more personalized and complex interactions. They’ve also seen a significant boost in successful, automated customer engagement and users have been able to self-serve quickly. And, an unintended bonus has been a nice 5% increase in app downloads. A more educated LifeApps user is a healthier user, which is a win-win.

Ready to Build and Deploy an AI-powered Bavard Chatbot? It’s simpler than you think.

For brands, chatbot conversations provide a new opportunity to support and engage customers around the clock, even when your team isn’t present. Bavard’s no-code chatbots are easily customizable to match your company’s branding and offer the ability to allow interactions such as videos, hyperlinks, forms, and GIFs, as well as incorporate a “personality” so that your chatbot is in sync with your brand. Plus, you can seamlessly integrate all of your applications with a few clicks.

Watch our 2-minute chatbot builder tutorial and build and deploy your smart chatbot the same day. Your customers will thank you. And so will we.