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How To Integrate SendGrid.

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By: Ankita Chauhan Category: Ruby on Rails, Other Technologies Technologies: Ruby on Rails

1) Sign in to Sendgrid with your id and password.

After logging in, you see this dashboard.

2) Click on the setting which is added in the sidebar. After clicking, it’s showing a drop-down with options. We need to click on the API keys.

3) After clicking on API Keys, we get this page and we need to create an API key.

4) After clicking on this, we need to add the API Key Name and select the option that we want to select. Here, I select Full Access and click on Create & View to save.

5) After that, you can obtain your newly generated API key and save it for future use. Also, if you want to edit or delete the key, click on settings/API keys and you will get all the records of keys that you created.

6) Lastly, you need to add this to our application in production.rb or development.rb, like this.

Create a .env file in the application and add the below code to this file.

Your connection with Sendgrid is ready.