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How to Use async/await in useEffect()

Xiuer Old 48

function useEffect(effect: EffectCallback, deps?: DependencyList): void;
type EffectCallback = () => (void | (() => void | undefined));

According to the documentation and ts prompts, useEffect the callback parameter returns a clean-up function that clears side effects. Therefore, it is impossible to return Promise, let alone useasync/await

useEffect(() => {
const subscription = props.source.subscribe();
return () => {
// Clean up the subscription

"At this time, you can choose to wrap another layer of async function, place it in the callback function of useEffect, and use async/await in disguise."

async function fetchMyAPI() {
let response = await fetch('api/data')
response = await res.json()

useEffect(() => {
}, []);

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