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Introducing Infinity AI and the Pixelate API

Lina Avancini Colucci 26

Here at Edge Analytics, we are always innovating to stay on the cutting Edge. You may remember our blog this past spring where we used synthetic data to outperform Google’s human pose estimation model. Well, we were so excited about the infinite possibilities of using synthetic data that we spun it out into its own company, Infinity AI.

At Infinity AI, we provide on-demand synthetic data for computer vision teams through the Pixelate API. From manufacturing to remote fitness to automated grocery stores, synthetic data can improve model performance, protect privacy, minimize bias, and provide labels that are impossible to get with traditional, human collected datasets.

Stay tuned for future articles on the benefits of synthetic data, how Infinity AI is overcoming synthetic data technical challenges, and our brand new, open-source dataset for fitness applications, InfiniteForm (a sneak preview is shown in the image below!)

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Synthetically-generated images from our open-source dataset, InfiniteForm