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Transcript of Q&A with Crypto Tavern

Chadwin: Hello Matrix Community, today is again a special day as we welcome a new partner to the MATRIX ecosystem.

Crypto Tavern is an international blockchain gaming community and I am sure all of you, as I am, are eager to find out more about them and how this partnership will benefit MATRIX.

We are fortunate to be able to welcome Amos, the founder of Crypto Tavern and our very own Eric Choy to this Questions & Answers session.

Welcome Amos and Eric!

Amos: Hello everyone.

Eric: Welcome Amos. Thanks Chadwin for hosting this.

Chadwin: Before starting could I kindly ask that if your answer is long to spilt your posts to allow the community time to read and stay on track with the Q&A.

Eric: Aye aye Captain.

Amos: Please go ahead. I can’t wait.

Chadwin: The first few questions are related to Crypto Tavern, for Amos to please answer.

Firstly, Could you please give our community a brief introduction to Crypto Tavern?

Amos: Hello, everyone. It’s a great honor to communicate with MATRIX’s community.

The core team of Crypto Tavern is composed of a group of people from all walks of life, but all of us are very experienced in crypto currency trading marketing.

Now we are focusing on the operation and development of Crypto Tavern especially in GameFin area. Our main members come from nine different countries and regions, that’s why Crypto Tavern is a very open and positive team.

We are continuously improving our level every day and hope to become a more professional GameFi team.

Chadwin: Thank you for that impressive introduction. I will give the community some time to read.

Moving on to our second question for Amos.

Could you share with us what partnerships you currently have with other games and/or companies?

Amos: Now our guild mainly focuses on Axie and Farmer world, as well as some Korean and Japanese games.

We are the first guild to participate in Axie and have more than 200 established contacts and cooperation with us.

We are also constantly learning, studying and participating in the emerging blockchain games.

Chadwin: Wow. I’m not a gamer myself but those games have interesting names.

Awesome to hear that you are the first guild participating in Axie.

Next question for Amos still. I think we are all interested to know this.

How did you get to know about Matrix AI Network?

Amos: There are already a lot of blockchain games at present.

By chance, we learned about MATRIX project, which brought us unexpected surprises. We have seen a treasure project that has been seriously underestimated in all aspects.

It is also MATRIX that has been working hard for the blockchain world to find better solutions. MATRIX is really excellent in the field of artificial intelligence and has won many global champions.

Moreover, we found that MATRIX laid out and explored GameFi and NFT a few years ago, which really surprised us. I hope to cooperate with MATRIX, especially in the field of blockchain games.

If MATRIX ecology has game works in the future, we are also happy to join. It is hoped that in the future, blockchain games that can affect the whole industry will be born in matrix ecology. We also want to see matrix have more exploration and achievements in the combination of AI and games.

Chadwin: Our community likes referring to the project as a hidden gem. I am glad to hear people are starting to find this treasure! AI is definitely part of the future.

The MATRIX ecosystem is made up of numerous platforms. Adding GameFi to this would be great!

Fourth question for Amos.

What made Crypto Tavern decide to develop a partnership with MATRIX?

Amos: We are very proactive, very positive and look forward to cooperation with matrix. However, our specialty is that we are good at playing games and have more game players.

Therefore, we hope that MATRIX ecology will produce very good game products, so that we can let our traffic enter matrix ecology and provide better vitality for the development of MATRIX.

The most important thing should be that your persistence and professionalism attract us. Yes, and your technical foundation and game foundation are very good.

Chadwin: Indeed. Persistent is key to the MATRIX team!

I understand this partnership is focused on the relationship between blockchain technology and gaming. One such aspect is GameFi.

Could you kindly share your thoughts on how you see the GameFi industry on a global scale?

Amos: Now GameFi is a hot topic. New GameFi products appear almost every day, but in fact, the experience of many games is not good.

Even Shib wants to develop GameFi.

At present, most users play blockchain games mainly for profit, which is why the current guild is called “Nuggets guild”. But I believe that in the future, the quality of GameFi will be higher and higher, and the game experience will be better and better.

With our participation in GameFi, we have witnessed the development and transformation of GameFi. With the development of GameFi, the NFT market is also booming, and GameFi will also promote the emergence and development of SocialFi.

These are the most practical applications and scenarios of blockchain ecology in the future.
The game industry can really attract a large number of users and retain users.

Chadwin: Amazing stuff. Definitely sounds like MATRIX have found an experienced partner as the project enters the GameFi space.

Eric, I have not forgotten about you. Could you kindly answer the next question.

Following on from Amos, how does MATRIX see the GameFi industry?

Eric: It is always good to connect the dots and getting connected.

Today, we are connecting with Crypto Tavern, a well established gaming community and venture in the blockchain era. Thanks for your compliments, Amos.

MATRIX is an open AI platform. Game is a huge market. We will see how AI can enrich GameFi, or vice versa. By Partnering with gaming unions like Crypto Tavern, we can secure the initial traffic for the exploration.

GameFi is a great application scenarios of blockchain and it provides decent number of traffic. Everyone likes games, even kids (think about Roblox). With games, the users will be easier to acquire and to use the service and computing power on MATRIX.

We wish to explore the role of AI in the GameFi vertical, eg AI applications for gamers or MANTA for training gaming tools for better and fun game play. This enriches the ecosystem of MATRIX and helps to acquire traffic.

Chadwin: Some unique ideas for sure!
It is clear the MATRIX gears are turning faster and faster.

Amos: Win-win cooperation. I still have a lot to learn about AI.

Chadwin: Moving on and back to Amos. With regards to the partnership between Crypto Tavern and MATRIX could you please answer the following questions.
I think you have covered some of these.

What exactly is this partnership about?

Amos: We hope to be an early propagandist and promoter of MATRIX games. At the same time, we are also very interested in all technologies and products of MATRIX and are willing to participate in the internal test as early volunteers and seed users.

Games can also help MATRIX lock in traffic, so that the MATRIX ecosystem will have more data support.

We hope to achieve each other, and according to the information I have seen, MATRIX’s partners are excellent and are well-known institutions and companies.

Chadwin: Great! Gamers will bring a lot of traffic to the blockchain for sure.

What are the short term objectives of this partnership?

What are the long term objectives of this partnership?

Perhaps you can answer these two questions together.

Amos: The short-term goal of cooperation with MATRIX is very simple. We hope to become an important part of MATRIX ecology and promote the layout and development of MATRIX in the field of GameFi.

We can cooperate with MATRIX as soon as possible to launch the first product so that MATRIX can occupy an important position in the field of blockchain games.

We hope that with our help, MATRIX will not only become the pioneer of AI combined with GameFi, but also become a unicorn in this field, and we will become the most important partner of MATRIX in this field, which is our common goal.our long team objectives.

We have experience and traffic. Although we are not famous enough, of course, fame is not our pursuit. We pursue more gains and achievements in GameFi. I hope GameFi can bring more wealth to our team.

I believe the cooperation with MATRIX can help us better achieve this goal.

Eric: Well said!

Chadwin: I am sure with perseverance both these objectives are achievable!

For Eric. What specifically will MATRIX provide to this partnership?

Eric: We will try to see how AI can be used in GameFi, and Crypto Tavern members will be the pilot test group. I am sure they will provide valuable information in this.

This is an open ended question. Possibilities are endless. Like Amos just mentioned that we will be happy to see a unicorn coming from the MATRIX ecosystem.

Chadwin: Games and unicorn. Anything is possible!

Amos: We sincerely hope to have in-depth and long-term cooperation with MATRIX. We hope that the MATRIX game will be launched as soon as possible. We can’t wait.

Chadwin: I will conclude Eric’s part of the Q&A with the question I think is on most of the community’s minds.
In what way will this partnership contribute towards MATRIX and MAN?

Eric: We are pleased to have the chance to work with Crypto Tavern. With this partnership and similar ones, more awareness, attention, eye-balls and traffic will bring to MATRIX. This is just a start.

Equally important is we can explore things together, for example GameFi and community support from both sides. Dare to explore is one of the personalities of MATRIX.

We welcome anyone, be it organizations or individuals to join this adventure.
Endless possibilities when AI is the future.

Chadwin: Thanks for the detailed answer Eric. If successful this can only be beneficial to MATRIX.

Amos: We look forward to the emergence of AI enabled games in matrix ecology as soon as possible, which will shock everyone.

Chadwin: Regarding Crypto Taverns involvement. Will you be able to update MATRIX’s community from time to time on your exciting progress?

Amos: Of course, I’m happy to communicate with you, and I’m happy to fight side by side with such a high-quality community.
We also hope to interact with MATRIX’s community frequently MATRIX.

Chadwin: We look forward to this!
Before we conclude today’s Q&A. I would like to thank Amos and Eric for providing our community with some insight into this new partnership.

Eric: Thanks Amos and Chadwin. You definitely have excellent time management.

Chadwin: Thank you both for your time and informative answers. It is clear that this partnership will revolutionize the GameFi industry. We are very glad you discovered the hidden treasure Amos.
That concludes our Q&A for today. I trust you have enjoyed it.
Stay tuned for more exciting developments around the corner!