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MedPlusMart Clone

Yash Gupta 52

We successfully cloned the Medplus website and the stack we used was HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT.

The team members were-

  1. Yash Gupta
  2. Tushar Sahu
  3. Sudhanshu Kumar
  4. Khushi Gupta
  5. Imran Khan
  6. Himanshu Sharma

Hi audience you might be knowing the medplus store nearbuy where we can buy the vitamins and mineral/ medicines/baby products/personal care etc. on discounts. This websites had some or the other rewards usually where you can buy products from.

Medplus homepage

There are several other categories and and products which you can checkout.

This clone will help you navigate from start to end , where you will be following the process from login to searching the products proceeding to cart section and enter the the payment section to booking the final item which the user wants.

Moving on ahead, we, team Medplus at masaischool.com developed the clone on Medplusmart in just 7 days as a part of our curriculum’s Module 1 project evaluation. This blog is all about what are all things we used? , how we did it? , what challenges did we face? , and how we overcame those challenges?


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

We understood the stack fully and applied the learning to the Medplus project and tried to make exact same as displayed on the original website. By going through this blog you will get to know various things what we faced and how we all the team members collaborated each other and over our issues of how the end user will be navigating. We have communicated very well and from very next day we started our designated work.

We used the following resources for our help:

  1. https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/
  2. https://www.w3schools.com/
  3. https://www.flaticon.com/
  4. https://codepen.io/pen/


Though Masai teachers taught us very well, but then too with lot of work we faced:

  1. At first we faced the issue in local storage.
  2. As Github was very new for us , adapting it was time taking and till the end merging and pulling the source code of all the members was very time taking part.
  3. There were image sliders and heavy Javascript involved where we usually took the help of documentations and Youtube videos.
  4. At first the UI was different as compared to the Medplus homepage, but gradually it was getting better.


Through out the week we able to collaborate very well on zoom and successfully made the clone through which a user can navigate from selection of product to navigating the cart section and finally booking the product in real-time. We have linked the website of the live website. Just checkit out and even you can clone it into your system.

We have included all the keen details of our project and if you want to know more about the medplus projects you can refer the Readme.md file present in github.

have a glance of the pages that we have built.

Link to github!

Link to live project!

Addition of items
Shopping Cart
Delivery confirmition