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My Boss: Front-end Development Will be Replaced 100% by AI

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My Boss: Front-end Development Will be Replaced 100% by AI

He also predicted a timeline

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I am a reactjs developer. So, this was a little bit scary for me when my boss told us that front-end development is going to be replaced by AI 100%.

He predicted it long before Chatgpt’s revolution in the world. Now when I use Chatgpt or Github’s Co-pilot, I really feel scared sometime because these tools are so good. If it can already do these many tasks, it is possible that these can replace developers, at least a large portion of it.

I know even if the prediction becomes true, it should take at least a decade( My prediction). However, My boss predicted that it’s going to happen within 2030. 2030 is very soon for me!!

Sometimes I feel like I should move to the backend development or DevOps! But I don’t want to.

I talked with several programmers about this issue. Some of them didn’t care at all, and that’s healthy, I think. I wish I could become more like them. But many programmers shared the same concern.

Why am I concerned?

It’s not like we developers can not learn another skill or move to other stacks. But there are two main reasons that are scary!!

Firstly, AI might reduce the number of developers to 1/5th or even less within 2030. There is another factor. With time, there will be more and more tech companies. So, that will increase the number of developers in total. But it’s also true that more young people enter the tech space every year and become developers.

The summary is AI will cut the number of developers significantly.

Secondly and most importantly, A new AI product comes with tremendous advanced capabilities that we ordinary people are not ready for. Just think about Co-pilot, Chatgpt, and Midjourney!!

I don’t know about you, but I was super surprised whenever each tool was launched. I was surprised by its capabilities and accuracy in this early stage.

So, one of my main concerns is that one day, I will wake up and find that a new AI tool will fully replace us!! Tell me if it is impossible!!

What my boss told me a few years ago…