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My Journey Web Programming on Macbook Air M1 Chip

Al Birr Karim 272

I'm a web developer. I'm a computer science student with bachelor's and master's degrees. I'm buying this mac at the end of 2021 when I'm still pursuing the master's degree. Also, I'm a tech freelancer, any tech product. mostly web platform.

Before I'm using MacBook

I'm using Linux Xubuntu for doing my web project. it works well with 8 GB of RAM but the CPU is AMD A4 so it's slow for compiling large node js projects.

I'm also dual boot with windows for just running the MS Office etc, for my education in master's degree like writing papers for publication.

With two different OS, I must restart my laptop for change between.

So I buy the MacBook Air M1

With 8 GB RAM, 256 SSD, M1 Chip, I was satisfied with the performance and build quality of this laptop.

How powerful is it?

M1 Chip compiles js bundle with laravel mix so fast and it's powerful too for my education at master degrees which is a machine learning project.

8 GB RAM, For web development at this time it's enough, my tech stack is laravel and react js. Battery, can 12 hours working nonstop for web programming without charges. the trackpad is so perfect until I rarely use the mouse.

Mac OS is so perfect for my project and education purposes. but the keyboard shortcut is too much combination.

I'm coding with visual studio code. mac keyboard has control, option, and command button. which in Linux and common laptop we just have a ctrl key for doing many things. I feel like doing naruto’s hand combination for doing “Jutsu”

Let's talk about web development

My stack is laravel and react js so I need PHP, apache, MySQL, PHPMyAdmin. Installing Apache and MySQL was difficult for me at the beginning so I use the XAMPP.

I use google chrome and visual code. the problem is coming. google chrome sometimes can't handle multiple downloads and is stuck, can't download anymore. it will fix by quitting all chrome apps. (command+q ) then open it again.

for visual code, the problem is code formatter for PHP programming. shift + option+ F cant work. I don't know the solution until now.

Let’s talk about machine learning for research purposes

First, I'm confused about how to install TensorFlow for mac os then I found this tutorial. but it still doesn't work so I try this video and do some random stuff. then it's work.


Now I know why many programmers use MacBook. just buy it.

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