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Myntra website clone

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This project is clone of Myntra Website.

Link for our website — myntraweb13.netlify.app

Myntra is an Indian fashion e-commerce company headquartered in Bengaluru, India. Myntra is a one-stop solution for all your fashion and lifestyle needs. Being India’s largest e-commerce store for fashion and lifestyle products, Myntra aims at providing a hassle-free and enjoyable shopping experience to shoppers across the country with a wide range of brands and products on its portal.

We are a team of 5 members that worked to make a clone myntra website in 5 days as a part of our Unit 5 construct week project. We followed a routine that helped us complete the project efficiently and in time. We used to meet two times a day so that we can discuss the progress and to know and resolve the issues.
We got to learn how to work in a team efficiently using tools like slack and git. This project has helped us try our React knowledge hands-on.


  • SignIn with Mobile OTP Authentication
  • SignUp
  • Browse Products based on section
  • Search Products with color, brands.
  • Apply Filters
  • Create, Update, Remove Products from Wishlist
  • Create, Update, Remove Products from Bag
  • Payment Integration with Google Pay

Tech Stack

  • React JS
  • Javascript
  • Redux
  • Routers

Some screenshots from our website —


  1. Saurabh Verma (me)
    LinkedIn — akasaurabhverma
    GitHub — akasaurabhverma
  2. Sarang Chaudhary
    LinkedIn — sarang-chaudhary-401405178
    GitHub — sarang999
  3. Shaik Riyazuddin
    LinkedIn — riyazuddin-shaik
    GitHub — ShaikRiyazuddin
  4. Suraj Ughade
    LinkedIn — suraj-ughade
    GitHub — Suraj8007
  5. Sweta Swarnakar
    LinkedIn — sweta-swarnakar-0346b616b
    GitHub —Sweta-Swarnakar