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Parting from Santara and starting a new chapter

Iskandar Zulkarnaen 23

Hi everyone!

This is my initial post about my career journey until now I decided to depart from Santara: First Equity Crowdfunding (ECF) Platform in Indonesia.

My professional journey was started in 2016, first time I worked at U.S-based multi national company, IBM (International Business Machine) Jakarta, Indonesia. At IBM, I was welcomed by many amazing colleagues and one of them was Avesena Reza (Founder and Commissioner of Santara) as my on-job training mentor. When I joined IBM, I was dumbfounded by what I was going to learn in my journey at IBM. I expected I would only learn technical IT related skill in day-to-day job, but then I was wrong. My mentor, Avesena Reza was teaching me more about business related skill rather than technical IT related skill. In return, since I started as technology-driven software engineer, I got new perspective about IT business. It is not everything about cool, innovative, and advanced technology, but the value of the business itself was also important.

Dinner with my initial team member at IBM Indonesia

Few months after I joined IBM, My mentor Avesena Reza parted his way with us to build his own business in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Meanwhile, I was still at IBM to sharpen my professional skill as consultant such as IT Service Management, Project Management, Enterprise Architecture, IT Security, IT Governance, and many more for about 4 years later.

Few years later, I got phone call from Avesena Reza, asking me and offered me as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Santara, first licensed Equity Crowdfunding (ECF) company at Yogyakarta. My longing dream since high school student was to be able to help people through innovation in technology and have significant role in company which has vision to enable Indonesia’s growth through high IT quality standard services. This opportunity was too good to be passed and without further ado, I accepted his offer at the end of 2020 and then it was beginning for me to have top position at IT Department in organization.

First day as CTO, I felt something wrong already happened but my doubt was all covered when I was warm welcomed by all people in IT Department, we call it here SET or Santara Engineering Team. I thought my sudden appearance would make me hated by some people in IT Department but I was wrong. I felt like I found new family here, same as when I first joined IBM and worked there. From that moment, I swear that I want to make these group of people (SET) proud and comfortable worked at Santara while they can improve their knowledge in IT related skill since at Yogyakarta we can say that exposure to knowledge is rather inferior than at Jakarta as capital city.

Warm Welcome Message from my Newfound Family at SET

Our best achievement at Santara was successful release of secondary market feature as the second ECF companies who held secondary market same as Indonesia Stock Exchange continuous auction program which never been implemented by any private companies in Indonesia beforehand (maybe I will make different post related to secondary market features in future if I got enough demand from readers).

Secondary Market Feature Order Book UI Design

But sadly, sometimes thing wouldn’t go as you expected.

Recently, there are major changes both in structure & vision of Shareholders & Executive which is one of the reason I parted with Santara apart from personal reason related to COVID-19 situation.

Our company had vision to become Fintech company revolving around high quality standard of IT services/platform and innovation-driven even in reality we still have a lot to improve, but now it started to shift into profit-driven company which necessarily not wrong and some says it’s necessary stage for Startups (debatable).

Which then I thought, this game is no longer for me to stay here.

So I decided to have clean break with Santara regardless of the decision from new Executive and creating new chapter in my professional life. My journey at Santara was a short journey (almost a year since this post published) but it’s one of my treasured experience in my professional career. And hopefully with new executive and new vision in place, can help to improve Santara better than before.

Our SET Family in Workplace Called “Cave”

Maybe in new chapter, I will continuously pursue my ideals to create value for people through high quality IT services/platform which driven by innovation. I wouldn’t stop to keep innovating and create helpful platform to achieve what our vision that was “Scaling up Economy of Indonesia”.

Coming Soon!

and Thanks for reading!