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ROMANIAN AIMS 74 RIFLE BFPU Battlefield Pick-Up Style Features

  • Built with original Romanian Military parts kits rated Very good to Excellent
  • 4150 Nitride treated barrel
  • Optic rail mount on left side of receiver
  • Fully heat treated receiver
  • Original Military wood stock set will show character
  • US 922 R parts installed
  • Pistol Grip style and color may vary
  • Length 34.5", Weight(unloaded) 8.4Lb
  • Atlantic Arms MFG 1 Year factory warranty
  • Comes with 1 Romanian AIMS 74 mag Mil Surplus NRA Very good / Excellent
  • Factory markings may vary based on year produced etc & no custom request are offered
  • Original Romanian parts will show usage or character.
  • Original Parts manufactured date: Will vary most in the 1980s-1990s time frame

Romanian AIMS 74 5.45x39 semi-auto rifle Battlefield Pick-Up Style. These rifles are designed to perform like new rifles but have the Nostalgic Battlefield look and flavor!! Built from Original Romanian AIMS 74 parts kits with a New US barrel, receiver & fire control. The AIMS 74 is a Rare and Unique variant of the AK 74 Rifle series and highly coveted by Kalashnikov collectors. Some of the cool features are the Up swept charging handle, off set side folder stock for better cheek weld and a left rail for adding your optic of choice. The AIMS 74 also has variation on the Russian muzzle brake in 22 mm RH thread. These rifles are carefully built by the experienced Atlantic Arms MFG build team. They have very nice rivets, straight builds and checked with a laser for canting. Shop Romanian aims 74 rifle bfpu online

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