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RunJS makes development 10x faster

Drew Schweinfurth 37

I am not kidding, there are some huge boost in productivity for this one tool!

I have been writing javascript for at least 10 years, and the silent thing that most JS dev’s don’t say out loud it is A LOT of copy and paste and make things work.

For years in order to test out JS functions or making sure my logic is sound I have basically gone through the process of creating a test.js file, spinning up some some web server, usually nodeJS + express + ejs (fixed that with my slowcook npm module) then I could finally start running the js file.

This is where the magic of RunJS comes into play. It has node engine built right into the playground UI meaning you can paste your functions and play around with them instantly! Let alone the fact it also has built in npm module support meaning no longer do I need 30 instances of express installed locally into various project folders on my hard drive. Now with RunJS I simply use the interface to install the module and can go to town writing my AES256 encryption function, or testing the express routing function, etc…

If it’s on NPM its supported in RunJS

Recently for my job I had to basically build an entire e-commerce mini-site within a two week span which integrated about 50 different API’s and required our own home-grown modules that I had never interacted with. What was great was I could open my local js file module into RunJS to test in real-time the functions I was writing to interact with this home-grown module which made it super simple to build a bridge with an extremely complex js library. What made this process even simpler was the native autocomplete and type-checking built into RunJS!

I no longer need to remember every single function/variable because auto-complete makes it a breeze!
As I have started writing more and more Typescript, the type check on hover makes it super easy to realize when I forgot to give a variable a type or incorrectly have typed something.

Additionally, having multiple project files open with VSCode and RunJS at the same time was a breeze with the native support for multiple tabs which support all my favorite keyboard shortcuts to flip between quickly!

Ctrl-Tab, Command-N, Command-T, etc…life is good!

I can now work at an efficiency that I never though possible because of this awesome tool in my belt as a JS developer! Best part is it’s fully free to start using today! Now, there is one down side, there is a license for the RunJS software to get it’s full utility. However, for a cost of a couple coffee’s you are massively improving your speed to throw code, I would and have made the justification that $26.00 is a drop in the bucket for such an amazingly useful piece of software.

Checkout their site, give it a download today: RunJS