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Starting point of my career life

Keziya Rajan 44

Good day! Well today, I would like to share the starting point of my career. As it is the most important part of everyone, the thing one ponders a lot on, I’ll be sharing about my journey so-far. So, I have recently completed my Masters in Business Administration and without a break, I went straight off to pursue my career in something I love to do. As I did dual specialization in Finance and Marketing, I had two options- Either continue my career in finance or in marketing. I was even about to start my career in the banking field but then I realized, even though it’s something I find quite interesting, it won’t feel like I’m enjoying it. Why? Because, I was always into the marketing field. Because why not? It is so interesting. There are different kinds of marketing. I personally feel marketing should not be limited to traditional ways as our current scenario is very much running digitally. This is where digital marketing comes into place. Therefore I am very well aware of the continuous changes in the present world. And, believe me, the digital world won’t be going anywhere. It’ll go on to be developed in more ways of its own, molding itself to the current generation and likewise helping those generations in upgrading their life.

Those in their mid 20s or 30s or 40s would know, based on their childhood, that there was a time when their parents had no smartphone, forget about them having it. They might have got it when they were adults or teenagers. And, I guess the first phone everyone of that generation was certainly not a smartphone- yes, the one with the ‘QWERTY” keypad. From the keypad type of phone( which didn’t have internet facility) to smartphone (which has internet facility), people adapted as their surroundings changed. Isn’t it exciting? You have witnessed that change. So, you can wonder how it’ll be after a decade or two. It’ll be more different.

Anyways, I wanted to share how my career life started. So, I went for a career in Digital Marketing at Fingent. It is a software company based in New York, USA. I’m working at one of its headquarters, Kochi in India. The environment did seem promising for me to elevate my career in Digital Marketing. I might sound skeptical about this but being in the position of a fresher, it turned out to be wise enough to propel my career ahead. I will never be thankful enough of how considerate they are in terms of my lack of knowledge and experience and I am grateful that they were willing to teach me well. They don’t fail to teach us with the utmost patience. They have indeed set a perfect example of how managers should be, handling everything calmly.

First day at Fingent

Then, there are certain things that I am actually proud of, to be called a “Fingentite”. Well, Fingent got ISO 27001:2013 certification last year. Recently, Fingent has been ranked among the best women-friendly workplaces in India. It is one of the top 50 mid-size companies in India’s best workplace for women 2021 list. It has been ranked 33rd among India’s great mid-size workplaces 2021. And, based on my experience, I personally think it is indeed a safe place for women to work along with flexible work timings. The above mentioned awards were for a reason as we feel welcomed to put out our opinions and everyone will be heard.

Amidst all the stressful work, the company arranges events to ease out and energize accordingly. Last week, we had a children’s fun event- “Chota Fingentites”. During this pandemic period, kids have got bored staying at home, losing out on their personal interaction are affecting the growth of the children. So, being considerate of this sentiment, employees brought their kids and they had a good time with other kids. Likewise, we had a program called “Take The Stage”. They gave us a platform for those who love dancing and want to dance- again a way to destress ourselves. So, I was very excited. Have I not mentioned that I love dancing? Well, I do. I never imagined I’ll be able to dance after the end of my school and college life. But, Fingent gave me a platform to dance again, and I was very excited to show my moves. This also gave me a chance to interact with other employees of other departments and gradually helped me to get out of my shell. So, yeah, I am having a great time.

A moment from the “Take the Stage” event

We had a successful expansion of our office recently, the 4th R&D facility at Kochi itself. So, I finally met the CEO of Fingent, Varghese Samuel. I always imagined CEOs to ooze off an aura of high regard, but when I saw him, he was such a down-to-earth person. He was so kind, and made sure he interacted with each employee. He blended among us, wearing a regular employee attire. With all his generous gestures, it made me realize how fortunate I was to be part of the team.

Well, I am feeling very content and delighted because I’m working at a place which matches with the work ethics that I always believed in. Meanwhile, being provided the space to learn and believing in my self driven attitude, I’m finding this journey a worthwhile part of my life. So, yes, I’m glad I chose this decision to start my career in Digital Marketing at Fingent.