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Tailwind Labs and must-have design resources for front-end developers

Penny Lam 5

Illustration by StorySet

After only a week of having used TailwindCSS, CSS style sheets started to seem archaic to me.. I began learning it back in January and quickly realised that a lot of the top companies out there are using TailwindCSS. Starbucks, Kickstarter, Stripe, Twitch to name a few. It’s definitely a must-have in any front-end developers’ tech stack.

Here are some of the reasons why I think TailwindCSS is brilliant:

  • it automatically removes all unused CSS on build!
  • every colour out of the box like cyan, rose, fuchsia
  • coloured box shadows, v cool
  • a modern aspect ratio API
  • fancy underline styles
  • super responsive

You get the point.

To get to know TailwindCSS better after you’ve mastered the basics through reading the docs and playing around with it, here’s what I recommend:

Aside from Tailwind when creating a website you often need assets like icons, images or illustrated images which are really in at the moment.

Here are four sites where you can get high quality illustrated characters for free:

  • unDraw — open source illustrations for any idea
  • Humaaans — illustrations of people with a library. Think any possible illustrated character you could need, they have it.
  • Open Peeps — similar to the above without the colour. Only black & white illustrations
  • StorySet — my personal favourite! With a lot of images of characters against various backdrops.

For icons, these are my go to sites:

For images which I haven’t used much of when building my web apps:

That’s it for this short article. Let me know if you’ve found any of these resources useful :)