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The dark reality of Facebook

M. Zeeshan Raza Bin Ameerzada 155

Social media what comes to your mind first…? Facebook, isn’t it? Unarguably, social media is playing a vital role in communication/dealing with people from different parts of the world, breaking the barriers created by geographical borders.

But with these sugary points, There are some spooky things to come with these benefits corrupting society and individuals as we give a major chunk of our precious time and attention to these tech giants mainly Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Twitter.

To sell attention to advertisers of 1.5 billion users daily with 2.27 billion users monthly, making these tech giants the most profitable companies on the planet. Even this Data often use in hijacking the electoral system of the country, endangering democracy.

Social Engineers in the Facebook team but why?

Heard it for the first time? Let’s talk about why would Facebook need social engineers in their team, Scientists who study the behavior of humans deeply.

Here the reality exposes these are the experts who make the interface of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Twitter so addictive that without realizing you spent hours just scrolling on these platforms like a hypnotized person helping them to print more money.

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These social engineers exactly know to manipulate the human brain by the continuous rush of dopamine a neurochemical responsible for pleasure and feeling of satisfaction through likes, retweets, comments, and shares; faking social reciprocity and feeling of acceptance which makes the human brain addicted. Being concerned about social media so much destroys other important goals of life.

The more you spent time on Facebook for temporary pleasure or a dopamine rush, the more Mr. Mark will make dollars. Competing for your attention is the real challenge for them, these tech giants will do anything to grab it.

Role of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a powerful tool without an emotional quotient, AI technology can analyze terabytes of data in no time, but it’s unable to recognize between Black and White/Good and Evil.

AI technology decides what is to be shown to you on your social media feed! Creating a completely different online world based on your data i.e. Political views, Religious beliefs, Likes, and Dislikes.

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This type of personal information help AI technology bombard your feed with pinpoint and personalized advertisements, creating a 90% chance of buying that product.

Did you take this decision to buy that product which Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter advertise on your social media feed, or they compelled you to buy that product?

You lost control over yourself.

Facebook knows more than you about You

Data is the new oil, Why is tech experts considers data so important…? Data is the most important resource to any company for the effective advertisement for their products or services. The data you give willingly to social media platforms can even predict your next move.

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Social media platforms like Facebook gathers tons of data from the enormous user base they have using which they provide a gigantic platform of digital advertising for businesses selling our data and attention.

The data they collect includes Your

Personal interests


Political Views

Pages you visit the most

Religious Views

The time you are active, the most

The conversation you have with others

Endangering your privacy often makes the way to land on the dark web for few dollars on sale.

Instagram toxic for Teens

Facebook has repeatedly found that it's Instagram app is harmful to a number of teenagers, according to a Wall Street Journal report published Tuesday.

The Journal cited Facebook studies over the past three years that examined how Instagram affects its young user base, with teenage girls being most notably harmed. One internal Facebook presentation said that among teens who reported suicidal thoughts, 13% of British users and 6% of American users traced the issue to Instagram.

“Thirty-two percent of teen girls said that when they felt bad about their bodies, Instagram made them feel worse,” the researchers reportedly wrote. Facebook also reportedly found that 14% of boys in the U.S. said Instagram made them feel worse about themselves.

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According to the report, researchers warned Instagram’s Explore page, which serves users curated posts from a wide range of accounts, can push users into content that can be harmful. The app also has a culture of posting only the best pictures and moments, and it operates as an addictive product.

Young users are a key to Instagram’s success. More than 40% of Instagram’s users are 22 years old and younger, according to materials viewed by the Journal.

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