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The future of work is here is your job safe?

Ronit Batra 44

I am sure all of us have heard the saying of how the future of work is here and robots will take our jobs but how true is it really? On one side people say that even if the jobs do get taken off the skill of form example fo sales then there will be more jobs in sales in the future. This may not always be true as that is what people thought of horses back in the day that we will find a new use for them after the invention of automobiles. Alas, that, unfortunately, did not come true, and since no one saw any financial benefit from using or keeping horses the population of the horses slowly dwindled away into irrelevancy. This story offers us a harsh insight into what it really could be out in the future?

Based on McKinsey Study all the 45 percent of activities that people get paid to do all around the world on a regular basis can be automated with the current technology. This number is likely to keep increasing and as the venture capitalist, Vinod Koshla said that 80% of all the works related to healthcare will be automized through robots. This includes pharmacists, nurses as well as a general practitioner. This view is quite cynical on whether or not AI will take all of our jobs.

The 2nd view is that even as the new robots will render a few jobs irrelevant, they’ll additionally create a brand new set of jobs, and it’s simply a case of reskilling. It has happed withinside the past. For example, earlier than the economic revolution, a lot of human beings have been engaged in agriculture however they fast moved to the economic setup of production. When pc changed a number of the guide business jobs, it created programming jobs. Possibly this helped them get more time for amusement and leisure activities. As the quote from Freejournal said, ” As per the proponents of this view, new technology enhances human potential and the rate of creation of new job by technology will be faster than the rate of destruction of existing jobs”.

While the specialists hold on debating on what’s going to show up in the future, nobody has the crystal ball. At the exact same time, the development of technology is unstoppable due to the fact its benefits reward us overall. Thanks to robots at some point we might also additionally all have nearly limitless power and limitless food. The oil will allow renewable energy to flourish like solar energy that is nearly everywhere. The sun panel from thinner silvers of silicon has ended up being very effective. The speed at which it’s growing, it’s only a few years apart from meeting all of our green energy needs. This clean sustainable energy may be used for purchasing clean water and might improve agriculture to supply nearly limitless food. AI will be very similar to the invention of electricity in some years. Most of the work we do these days could be done by AI in a very energy-efficient way. But we would nonetheless want to have jobs, as Voltaire wrote in 1759 that ‘work keeps at bay three great evils: boredom, vice and need’’.

Though we may have different views on what the future of work holds for us in the future ut there is one thing for sure which is that the future of work will be the one no can predict?

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