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The Pulse ❤️: July 2022

Antonio Pagano 10

TLDR; Over the month of June we did good progress when compared with May. Buffalo contributors pushed the documentation the CLI and the repositories state to be in better shape. There are some new interesting conversations about SQLite and Go versions.

Well, I have to admit that June looks way more active than May, it seems we got right back to action after a few slow weeks. It's very nice to see our community gain momentum around different repos in the Buffalo organization.

I will try and summarize the most notorious of the things that happened during this month, but let me tell you it’s hard work to do it given the amount of good progress we did. Here we go!

🧹✨Dependency Cleanup

Yonghwan SO did a lot of progress in repository cleanup over this month, Including dependency reduction and bug fixing. As a result, we now have a much more simple dependency graph between our libraries. See it by yourself:

This was the graph of the CLI internal dependencies before the cleanup:

And this was it after cleanup 👀👀

Noticeable difference, right? Thanks Yonghwan SO for taking the lead on this.

🇪🇸 Documentación En Español (Good Progress)!

[Spanish] La traducción de la documentación de Buffalo a Español avanzó notablemente durante Junio! Durante Junio algunos miembros del equipo de Wawandco tradujeron las secciones de:

  • Tutoriales
  • Vistazo General
  • Soporte
  • Solución de problemas
  • ¿Cómo empezar?
  • Gestión de Peticiones

Esperamos seguir viendo progresos en este frente. Gran trabajo!

Progress on the New CLI

Over June we need progress on the CLI rewrite that will include the new plugin architecture. This PR may be helpful in case you want to take an early look, it contains the progress so far.

As for the missing pieces for it to be released we have:

  • Implement custom CLI main feature (in cmd/buffalo)
  • Implement global per-machine default plugins (objective 2).
  • Improve our testing coverage
  • Extract the Pop plugin and move it to its repo
  • Rewrite plugin documentation
  • Review and update CLI documentation

We expect to see more progress in the month of July. So stay tuned!

🏷 Latest Releases

As part of the cleanup the Buffalo team is doing we recently had a TON of releases for the tools. These are mostly related to the reduction of the external and cyclical dependencies across our repos.


Work in progress

  • New CLI plugins (👀 PR )
  • Repositories Cleanup
  • Documentation’s Spanish Translation (Still in progress)

🎙Ongoing Conversations

I hope you have enjoyed this brief post. As you can see there was a good amount of progress over June. If you’re not subscribed to this blog please do. Also, join the Gophers Slack #buffalo channel where we have cool conversations about the Buffalo framework and day-to-day tasks.