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The Quiz: Cyber Security

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Fill in the blanks

(Answer key below)

1. Every 11 seconds, a cyber security incident occurs, each costing businesses an average of $___________.

A. $500,000

B. $750,000

C. $1 million

D. $2 million

2. By _____, the cost of cyber attacks worldwide will reach $10 trillion.

A. 2025

B. 2030

C. 2035

D. 2040

Find out how to trust the untrustable.

3. Bug bounties have been part of the tech landscape since _____.

A. 1983

B. 1989

C. 1995

D. 2001

Learn why the cash-for-bugs business is booming.

4. Starting in _____, you won’t get a magnetic stripe on your new Mastercard card in America.

A. 2025

B. 2027

C. 2029

D. 2031

Here are the top 4 insecure standards we can’t easily abandon.

5. There are numerous best practices for implementing a robust restoration test plan and avoiding downtime, which can cost as much as $________ per minute for large enterprises.

A. $11,600

B. $14,750

C. $18,900

D. $25,430

Learn how to test your backup and restore plan — the right way.

6. Constellation Research projects _____% of the current Fortune 500 will be merged, acquired, or bankrupt by 2050.

A. 50%

B. 65%

C. 80%

D. 90%

Get the most from your data-driven transformation. Here are 10 key principles


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