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Top 20 Most Popular Programming Languages For 2021 and Beyond

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The most popular programming languages list available here will help your business in making the right choice for the next project

Several programming languages are there; still, new ones are constantly emerging. But the major concern is which one running the whole market or which programming language is the most popular and well suited for web and mobile app development.

It is not so simple to list down the most popular programming languages 2021. But this task can be executed efficiently by considering various metrics, such as technology popularity, trends, career-prospects, open-source, etc.

IEEE spectrum comes with the listing sheet of top programming language 2021. The list of the programming language is based on popularity.

List Of Top Programming Languages

Based on metrics mentioned above, I have done the listing of most popular coding languages, so now you can blindly pick any of the best programming languages for your next project. But always remember to choose the one which suits your project profile.

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1. JavaScript

JavaScript used for both backend and frontend programming. This is one of the most popular coding languages widely used within the Internet of Things (IoT). JavaScript works well with other languages, is very versatile, and updated annually.

69.7% of developers prefer employing the JavaScript programming language.

Image Source: Stack Overflow

Instagram, Accenture, Airbnb, Slack are a popular organization using JavaScript.

JavaScript Vital features

  • Simple Client-side Calculations
  • Offer greater control
  • Handling Dates and Time
  • Generating HTML Content
  • Detecting the User’s Browser and OS

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This widely accepted and most popular programming languages 2021, is used for developing web applications, desktop apps, media tools, network servers, machine learning and more. This technology grants outstanding library support, control capabilities, and robust integration. If you are running the startup business, then I will recommend you use this programming language for your app as Python is the best language.

YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest are popular apps built using Python.

230,906 live websites employing Python and additionally 600,600 sites used Python historically.

Python Vital Features

  • Simple to code
  • Extensible feature
  • GUI Programming Support
  • Object-Oriented Language
  • Python is Portable language

3. PHP

It is one of the most commonly used programming languages for mobile apps that require database access. It is an open-source language employed for command-line scripting, server-side scripting, and coding applications.

PHP is widely utilized for creating eCommerce apps, dynamic web applications, content-heavy apps, and mobile apps. This language is highly flexible and can be quickly embedded with HTML or HTML5.

Wikipedia, Facebook, and Yahoo are very popular websites developed using PHP.

34,713,433 live websites make use of the PHP programming language.

Hiring a team of dedicated PHP app developers will definitely be a great choice.

PHP vital features

  • Error handling facility
  • powerful Zend Engine
  • Case Sensitive
  • Platform Independent
  • Brand-new Spaceship and Null Coalescing operators

4. Java

Java is an object-oriented programming language. With in-built open-source libraries easily accessible for users to pick from. This programming language is simple to handle and grants the best documentation and community support. With the help of this technology, you can build the best cross-platform apps, games, Android apps, embedded space, server apps, websites, etc.

Netflix, Google, Pinterest, Instagram are a few popular names using Java.

9490 firms reportedly use Java in their tech stacks.

Java vital features

  • Architecture neutral
  • Native threads
  • Great libraries
  • Dynamic compilation
  • Automatic memory management

5. Kotlin

Kotlin is the most commonly used programming language used for building modern Android apps. This programming language has the potential to lead other programming languages like JAVA to make high-performing and excellent apps.

Trello, Evernote, Coursera are some popular apps built using Kotlin.

If you want your own Android application for your dream project, then hiring android app developers or dedicated Kotlin app developers from an authorized company can help you in turning your thoughts and ideas into reality.

A single man can not deliver expert solutions for every feature you want your app to have but by hiring a dedicated team of experts from a reliable custom app development company who can offer you multiple solutions under one roof can deliver wonderful results.

Kotlin vital features

  • Interoperable with Java
  • Backed by JetBrains
  • Expressive Syntax
  • Null Safety


HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is the ideal choice for building web-fronted apps or location-based apps for mobile devices. It is a markup language that employs tags to structure and show the content on the webpage. HTML 5 is the latest update, and it comes with including media elements, multi-platform functionality for different programs, and quick market deployment features.

Google Docs and Google Drive are the famous Google apps using HTML.

HTML vital features

  • Allows adding Images, video, and audio
  • Hypertext can be added to the text
  • Support Geolocation service
  • Multi-platform support

7. C++

C++ is one of the most popular coding languages mainly used for mobile app development. It is an object-oriented, and general-purpose language with generic and low-level memory manipulation features. This programming language is recommended to develop a gaming app, GUI-based applications, real-time mathematical simulations, and more. C++ is successful with Cloud computing apps as it can swiftly adopt changing hardware or ecosystems.

Google, Accenture, Walmart, Telegram are very popular brand names using C++. If you also want to make an app like Telegram, then I will recommend you to hire mobile app developers as they have the ability to offer innovative solutions.

1245 firms reportedly use C++ in their tech stacks.

C++ vital features

  • Case-sensitive
  • Compiler-Based
  • DMA (Dynamic Memory Allocation)
  • Platform or Machine Independent/ Portable
  • Mid-level programming language.
  • Structured programming language.
  • Rich Library and memory management

8. Rust

It is one of the most beloved programming languages sponsored by Mozilla. This language almost has a similar syntax to C++. It grants agility and security without reducing performance. Rust may be more complicated than some other programming languages present in this list.

Dropbox, Yelp, Sentry, and Postmates are famous names using Rust.

Rust vital features

  • Supports functional and necessary procedural paradigm
  • Safe, concurrent, and practical language
  • Algebraic data types
  • Efficient C bindings
  • Pattern matching

9. TypeScript

TypeScript is the top programming language created and maintained by Microsoft. It is utilized to build JavaScript apps for client-side and server-side execution (as with Node. js or Deno). TypeScript can help you avoid bugs that experts usually run into when writing JavaScript by type-checking the code.

Slack, Vox Media, Accenture, and Stack are famous brands using TypeScript.

3079 corporations use TypeScript in their tech stacks.

TypeScript vital features

  • Supports other JS libraries
  • Build-in Support for JavaScript Packaging
  • Static Type-checking
  • Class and Module Support

10. CSS

This programming language is used for defining the presentation of Web pages, including fonts, colours, and layout. It allows you to adapt the presentation to different types of devices, such as small screens, large screens, or printers. CSS can be utilized with any XML-based markup language.

CSS vital features

  • Advanced selectors
  • Content-visibility property
  • Contain-intrinsic-size property
  • Fix layout problem

11. Swift

Swift is an open-source technology specially designed to work with OS X, iOS, and tvOS platforms. The programming language is scalable, flexible, and can easily adopt a secure programming pattern to add smart features to any app.

Lyft, LinkedIn, Hipmunk, and more are the famous names utilizing Swift.

2037 corporations reportedly use Swift in their tech stacks.

Swift vital features

  • Closures united with function pointers
  • Robust error handling built-in
  • Functional programming patterns (map and filter)
  • Structs that support extensions, methods, and protocols

12. C#

C# is the best programming language used to perform a broad range of tasks and objectives. This programming language is mainly used on Windows. C# (C-Sharp) is a company formed by Microsoft that works on the .NET Framework. It is utilized to create web apps, mobile apps, desktop apps, games and more.

Delivery Hero, Microsoft, and Accenture are the most popular companies using C#.

2049 businesses reportedly use C# in their tech stacks.

C# vital features

  • Structured programming language
  • Component oriented
  • Interoperability
  • Rich Library
  • Object-oriented

13. Perl

Perl is the most popular programming language 2021. This is a general-purpose programming language produced for text manipulation and now employed for a broad range of tasks including web development, system administration, GUI development, network programming, and more.

Amazon, Booking.com, MIT are popular companies using Perl.

335,008 live websites are using Perl. Additionally, 1,123,725 sites used Perl historically.

Perl vital features

  • Database integration
  • C/C++ library interface
  • Easily extendible and embeddable
  • Unicode support
  • Text manipulation

14. Scala

It is one of the top programming languages, combining both the object-oriented and functional programming paradigm. Scala enables developers to make great use of usual JVM features and Java libraries. A top-rated mobile app development company prefers using Scala for building robust apps.

Twitter, Airbnb, Thatcham, Tumblr, Netflix are famous organizations using Scala.

Scala vital features

  • Lazy computation
  • Singleton object
  • String interpolation
  • Higher-order function
  • Concurrency control

15. Scheme

It is one of the oldest and multi-purpose computer programming languages that take a minimalistic strategy to system applications development and aims at enlarging the core with compelling language extensions. Scheme’s format is simple to learn and ideal for teaching functional programming.

Scheme technology is utilized by large, authorized internet entities such as Reddit and Google.

16. SQL

Structured Query Language (SQL) employed for communicating, assessing, and manipulating the regular database for most applications. SQL is designed to reach particular standards, both ISO and ANSI. Referential probity and relational data model between data, data manipulation, data query, and data access control.

SQL vital features

  • Data Manipulation Language (DML)
  • Transaction Control Language
  • Embedded SQL
  • Advanced SQL

17. R Programming Language

It is a complicated statistical analysis and determining excessive graphics programming, R is one of the top programming languages used for ad hoc analysis and examining large datasets. You can also utilize the R programming language for open-source data mining projects.

R Programming Language vital features

  • Adequate data handling and storage facility
  • Offers an integrated collection of tools for data analysis
  • Proffers graphical facilities
  • Provides operators for calculations on lists, arrays, vectors and matrices

18. Golang (Go)

Go is the latest programming language to achieve rapid growth as it ensures to tackle some of the most challenging computational problems with a comparatively definite approach. Golang unites all the advantages of C, like being a compiled language, and statically typed.

Uber, Google, and Pinterest are the recognized names using Go.

2304 firms employ Go in their tech stacks.

Go vital features

  • Garbage collection
  • Structural typing
  • CSP-style concurrency
  • Built-in Testing

19. Ruby

Ruby is an object-oriented and back-end scripting language utilized in web applications development, system utilities, servers, and standard libraries. This programming language is designed as a high-level multiple-paradigm, general-purpose, and interpreted programming language.

Twitter, Bloomberg, Airbnb, and Shopify are the named companies using Ruby.

4957 corporations reportedly use Ruby in their tech stacks.

Ruby vital features

  • Supports MVC Architecture
  • Automated Deployment
  • Active Record
  • Simple Programming Language

20. Elixir

Elixir is one of the best programming languages created entirely on Erlang and uses the Erlang runtime environment (BEAM) to manage its code. This programming language supports modern functionalities such as macros, meta programming, and polymorphism.

Vox Media, Stack, and Postmates are one of the best companies using Elixir.

Elixir vital features

  • Fault-tolerant
  • Highly concurrent
  • Pattern-matching

Ending Words

There is constant progress in the world of programming languages. Some evergreen technologies such as JAVA, PHP, and JavaScript have gained an enduring place in the list, whereas, other programming languages like R and Kotlin have boosted at an exceptional pace and have made it to the list of the most popular programming languages.

The languages present in the list proffer leading features and functionality that can help you build robust web and mobile apps. So now choose the right technology to develop agile web and mobile apps for your business.

In order to make efficient use of selected programming language in mobile app development get connected with the top mobile app development company and from there hire mobile app developers; this will help your business get a full-fledged mobile application.

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