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Top JavaScript Frameworks and Libraries That Will Rule in 2022

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When it comes to robust development solutions, JavaScript is one such multi-paradigm programming language that sticks to your mind. Since now this programming language is used for both client-side and server-side programming languages. Therefore, it has quickly become a developer’s favorite language.

In addition, the wide range of JavaScript frameworks has added a whole new dimension to the web and mobile app development sphere. Since its inception a decade ago, JavaScript has still had a strong dominance in the field of app development.

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If you are wondering, that is why JavaScript is widely accepted as the most popular programming, scripting, and markup language. With the great advancements in the app development process and technologies, new JavaScript frameworks are being developed to meet the changing needs of the market. With that said, businesses and developers are curiously looking for the best choice of frameworks in 2022.

While all JavaScript frameworks are developed to ease the development process but still before you get into the process of all development using JavaScript Frameworks, it is important to consider its popularity, use cases, pros, cons, and features.

Let’s get into the details of each framework before you make any decision.

Top JavaScript Frameworks To Consider In 2022

To make it easier for you to understand which JavaScript Framework to be used in 2022, we have divided these frameworks into two broad sections (i) Popular front-end frameworks of JavaScript, (ii) Popular backend frameworks of JavaScript.

(I) Top Choice of JavaScript Frameworks That Rule in 2022

Considering the survey report, here are the top choices of JavaScript Front-end frameworks that are predicted to stay trending in 2022.

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1. Svelte: An Enhanced Approach Of Building Interactive Web Apps

Popularity: Github Star 54.4k / Fork 2.6k / Used By 74.2k users/ Contributors 470

Wondering what is all about this new framework of JavaScript? Well, Svelte is an innovative way of building web apps. Unlike React or Vue, where you need to do the bulk of work in the browser, Svelte acts like a compiler that takes your declarative components and converts them into efficient JavaScript that surgically updates the DOM.

Instead of using old yet traditional techniques like Virtual DOM diffing, Svelte helps app developers write code that surgically updates the DOM when the state of your app changes.

And the biggest thing is, Svelte was recently voted as the most satisfied and loved framework by the developers. As per the survey report, 89% of developers are using this framework for front-end development as it provides a smoother development environment that is incredibly easy to work, maintain, and scalable.

Features of Svelte as a Front-End Framework

  • It is an open-source JavaScript framework used for making interactive web pages.
  • Less amount of coding will be required that ultimately saving time on app development.
  • Less coding also reduces the chance of having bugs and increases readability.
  • It embraces the simple format of writing that is in TypeScript

For Example,

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Use Cases of Svelte

The most common usage of Svelte includes:

  • Developing single-page applications
  • Building Apps for low-power devices as Svelte enables you to develop an app with less code which essentially means less data to download.
  • Creating Apps with interactive visualization.

Popular Apps Made with Svelte

Despite being a young framework, an increasing number of companies are using this framework. Today more than 13,000 companies are using Svelte as their framework choice but some of the most notable brands are:

  • QuickBudget
  • Decathlon
  • Upstream

2. React: An Open Source Finest Framework For Developing Unmatched User-Interface

Popularity: Github Star 180k / Fork 36.6k / Used By 8.5m users/ Contributors 1531

As per the survey report of StateofJs, Svelte is considered as the most satisfying and loved framework, but if coming to the other reports of Github, React is still ruling the domain.

React is one of the finest front-end open-source JavaScript frameworks that allow mobile app developers to create highly interactive and rich user interfaces. However, before you hire an app development company, it is worth understanding why it is booming and how it will help you in development.

Despite being launched in 2015 by Facebook, React has quickly taken the center stage and has become a prime choice of frameworks for developing interactive web pages with high incoming traffic. It makes the use of a virtual DOM, therefore the integration of the same with any application will be more straightforward and easy.

Features of React Framework

  • Creates interactive and dynamic UI for websites and mobile apps.
  • It creates a virtual copy of the original DOM and is a representation of a DOM object.
  • The declarative feature of React makes the code readable and easy to debug.
  • The JSX makes the React components easier by making the syntax almost identical to the HTML, injected into the web pages.
  • React is commonly known for developing high-performing apps.
  • In React, everything is a component of the web page that is divided into small components to create a view or UI of the app.

For Example:

Credit: Author

Use Cases of React Framework

Being an open-source rich library of Javascript, React is majorly used for developing interactive User interfaces of the app. Apart it has the following use cases:

  • It ensures faster app development, enhances app performance, and offers a high-end user experience.
  • It simplifies the entire method of writing components in high-volume applications.
  • It improves the development efficiency by reusing the system components and reducing the efforts of app maintenance.
  • It is search engine friendly and ensures steady coding.
  • React adds the compatibility of both mobile and web apps.

Popular Apps Made with React

The wide range of features makes React a prominent choice for app development. While the majority of the business leaders have opted for React.js for app development. However, a few leading giants are Facebook, Instagram, and more.

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3. Vue.Js: The Progressive JavaScript Framework

Popularity: Github Star 192k / Fork 31.1k / Contributors 404

Vue.js is an open-source (MVMM) model-view-ViewModel front-end JavaScript framework for building user interfaces and single-page applications. While it offers you incredibly versatile architecture that focuses on declarative rendering and component composition, therefore, the core library is concentrated on the view layer only. Apart, You can hire a web app development company to build an interactive web page with Vue.

Otherwise, it is the most user-friendly framework for both programmers and novice developers as it has a low learning curve. If you are still wondering how it will help in app development and how it empowered you to create an unmatched quality app, then here are the features at glance…

Features of Vue as a Front-end Framework

  • Vue.js is a simple, unrestricted, and easy-to-adopt framework.
  • While it comes with a built-in component that helps with CSS transitions and animations.
  • Precise two-way data binding preferences.
  • It is a cost-effective virtual DOM view option.

For example:

Credit: Author

Use Cases of the Vue.js

The most common use case of Vue.js is developing an interactive user interface, engaging web-based interface development, and swift fix for apps. Apart, here are the other use cases of Vue.js:

  • Developing a single-page application
  • Ideal option for developing Minimal Viable product
  • It’s a progressive framework that provides a rich set of libraries which ultimately helps in simplifying the app development process.

Popular App Made With Vue.Js

While Vue.js is simple and easy to use a framework of JavaSCript and offers rich features and seamless integration, therefore it is globally used for app development. However, a few of the popular names are:

  • Nintendo
  • Chess
  • Gitlab
  • Wizzair and more.

(ii) Top Backend- Development Frameworks of JavaScript to Consider in 2022

The success of the app is majorly dependent upon the backend system of the app. And the right choice of backend development technology can make a great difference in its performance and make it work flawlessly. So as per the survey report, here are the most popular backend frameworks of JavaScript:

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Let’s get started with the details.

Node.Js: The Most Modern JavaScript Technology For Backend-Development

Popularity: Github Stars 84k / Forks 22.2k / Contributors 3,064

While talking about JavaScript’s strongest frameworks for the backend-development frameworks, Node.js holds a special place. While different platforms give us different definitions, in simple words, Node.js provides a platform to build apps in JavaScript. Before you get into the process of hiring web app developer, many of you are asking the same question whether Node.js is a technology or a framework. Node.js is not exactly a framework, but an open-source, cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment that allows mobile app developers to write and edit code for future applications and run them.

Now you must be wondering that the above-mentioned graph has some other names of technologies, but the major trending frameworks are part of Node.js frameworks. So it is worth mentioning Node.js here as a leading backend framework/technology of JavaScript.

Features of Node.js as a Backend Technology

  • It is a great option for developing real-time applications and seamlessly handles a large number of requests.
  • While it works with many programming languages, Node.js made GraphQL a new standard.
  • It boasts a hugely supportive community of developers.
  • It is faster in code execution as Node.js is built on the V8 JavaScript engine of Google Chrome.
  • Node.js follows a single-threaded model.
  • Apps developed with Node.js are easily scalable.
  • The popularity of Node.js is also outgrown because it covers much more spheres than web development and offers a wide choice of rich frameworks including Nest.js, Express, Socket.io, meteor.js, Koa.js, Loopback.io, and more.

Popular Apps Developed Using Node.js

Undoubtedly, Node.js has been globally accepted and many tech giants in the IT-sphere have acknowledged that performing backend development with Node.js has led them to the great performance of their app. Here are a few use cases:

  • Microsoft
  • PayPal
  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Uber

These are the few trending backends and front-end development frameworks of JavaScript that are expected to trend in 2022 as well. All you need is to pick the right choice of framework that empowers your project and makes it perform excellently.


Hopefully, with this blog, you have got an idea about which JavaScript frameworks are booming in the market and predicted to stay trending in 2022. If you are still in a dilemma of which one you should choose for your specific project requirements, then it is worth hiring a web app development company that chooses the ideal framework for your business and enables you to develop a world-class web app using the right framework. By evaluating your business requirements and frameworks that come with unique features, experts can help you create a solution that ensures an excellent user interface and unmatched user experience.


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