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Typescript 5.2 — No More Memory Leaks

Tom Smykowski 95

Typescript 5.2 prevents memory leaks, speeds type checking, introduces decorator metadata, understands unions of arrays, supports immutability better, fixes commas and navigates better. It’s all in one minor release? Oh yes baby!

On August, 24th, our favorite Typescript spoke-writer, Daniel Rosenwasser announced Typescript 5.2.

Typescript 5.1 Rehersal

Before we’ll move to Typescript 5.2, let’s recall Typescript 5.1 released in April. It came with some amazing improvements.

The performance improvement is described by 50%, but tests show rather smaller, but still great performance improvement:

If you need a reason to use ES2020 in your project, Typescript 5.1 while it will go outside beta state will be a great opportunity. ES2022 is required for Typescript 5.1 to work.

Typescript 5.1 Beta offers some interesting improvements relaxing strict rules, helping out JSX developers. The language service is more helpful, also for JSDoc writers. Several performance improvements boost Typescript speed a little bit. It’s a great release!

Now, after four months we get another Typescript version, 5.2, ans personally I have high expectations for it, even thought it was developed during the main holiday season.

Faster Recursive Type Checking

If you’re using code or libraries that use recursive types, you’ll be able to see some performance improvements with Typescript 5.2. In tests it is 33% performance boost.

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No More Memory Leaks

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