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Ways Artificial Intelligence is going to impact businesses

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been in the talks for quite a bit now. From having a major role in sci-fi movies to having various real-life applications. AI has been a major trend in technology recently.

So what is AI ?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a vast branch that happens to fall under computer science. It functions to build smart machines able enough to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence.

The impact of AI has definitely been quite visible in different aspects of life. However today we shall focus on the way AI will go on to affect workplaces and employment.

In the last four years, the use of AI in many sectors of business has grown by a drastic 270%. AI in reality is all around us, from our search results to Netflix recommendations. AI has managed to pave its way in.

AI impacts business in several ways. Here are a few of such impacts that firms across the globe have felt.

Has changed the way job search works

Before AI was a thing, hiring managers had to go through hundreds of resumes and filter out the best, suitable candidates for their firms. This was a very time-consuming process and often drained hiring managers. However now, resume scanning is mostly done by AI-powered programs. And according to hiring managers this has made their jobs considerably easier.

Having said this, not everyone is in the favor of letting AI filter out resumes.

Will go on to boost E-Commerce

In the future, AI will play a critical role in every phase of e-commerce, from user experience to marketing to fulfilment and distribution. One should expect AI to continue to drive e-commerce, through chatbots, shopper personalization, image-based targeting advertising, warehouse and inventory automation, among other things.


Many corporate leaders are concerned about cybersecurity, especially given the expected increase in cybersecurity incidents. During the pandemic, hackers targeted those who worked from home, as well as less protected technological equipment and Wi-Fi networks. In cybersecurity, AI and machine learning will be key technologies for detecting and anticipating threats. Given its ability to analyse vast volumes of data and forecast and detect fraud, AI will be a critical tool for financial security as well as the security of firms and their data. To learn more about cybersecurity, check out the cybersecurity courses NLL Academy has to offer.


With the introduction of autonomous vehicles and autonomous navigation, we’re already seeing how AI is affecting the world of transportation and autos. AI will have a significant impact on production, particularly the automotive industry.

As they say, nothing is perfect. The same goes for AI. With the amazing benefits come some disadvantages too. Many people believe that the endorsement of AI will lead to an obsolete human workforce. They look at AI as a replacement of humans. However, if firms adopt AI in a strategic manner, Humans and AI could function well in harmony.

AI and machine learning today hold great value. These skills are highly in demand in today’s market. Being tech-savvy and preparing for digital readiness, your value is surely to increase when it comes to being successfully employed. Artificial Intelligence isn’t going anywhere and is definitely here to stay. Upskilling yourself and acquiring a new skill set will definitely come in handy. If you would like to expand your knowledge and learn new technological trends that are bound to change the way firms work, visit https://nllacademy.com