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Web Application Development

Technosip 15

Our Web Application Technology Stack

Frontend Development

Our skilled web developers can help you keep up with the latest technological trends to meet the increasing demands of users for simplicity and make it visually interactive. To make your web application look visually appealing, intuitive, and stylish, we are offering a wide range of front-end technologies:

  • Languages and Techniques: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery
  • Frameworks: Bootstrap, Foundation, Backbone, AngularJS, EmberJS, ReactJS, MeteorJS.

Backend Development

Our backend development services are in accordance with your end user’s business requirements irrespective of the technologies we use. For convenient and further administration, we are offering deployment as well as customization for an appropriate content management system.

  • Languages: Laravel, Java, Python, PHP, JavaScript (NodeJS);
  • Frameworks: Symfony, Zend Framework (for legacy web app maintenance), Laravel, Django, Pyramid, Spring, Express;
  • CMSs: Drupal, Pimcore, WordPress

Database Development

Whether you already have a database or need assistance with integration, we can help with the widely known SQL and NoSQL databases, including:

Looking to Hire Front-End Developers?

Hire front-end developers to create single page applications and feature-rich progressive web apps. Outsourcing dedicated front end developers from us ensure that the application is faster in development and quicker in responding to the user’s query.

We have been working on top front-end frameworks since its inception. Our front-developers are now veterans of the latest, greatest and most widely adopted front-end technologies like Angular, React, Vue and many others. We are the most reliable, trustworthy and top-notch front-end development company to hire.

Looking to Hire Back-End Developers?

Being a renowned back-end development company, we possess top-notch expertise in building Node.js based web and mobile applications. Be it eCommerce portals or backend dashboards development our back-end programmers are a pro at fulfilling critical client requirements. We hold top-notch expertise in offering high-quality back-end development services.

Combining front-end technologies, our back-end developers can help you build feature-rich backend applications with higher-level performance. Hire back-end developers from us to build result-oriented enterprise applications. Outsource back-end development services from us to surge ahead of your competitors.

Planning to Hire Full-Stack Developers: We Can Be Your One-Stop Solution

Our dedicated full-stack developers possess top-notch expertise on APIs, client-side code by using CSS, JavaScript, and HTML along with server-side scripting by making use of Python, RedHat, MySQL and many other types of technologies. By hiring the full stack developers, you can build your dream project in the pre-mentioned time and budget.

Our full-stack developers are viewed as the jack of all trades and also masters of emerging technology skills. With modern efficiency, they can complete projects which traditional development process was lacking.

Hire Full Stack Developer with the following Skill-Set;

  • HTML/ CSS- To design and develop websites, HTML and CSS is considered basic building blocks. In such project site, this technology can add content and styles. Our Full-stack developers are very well-versed with such technology.
  • Storage and Database- My SQL/MS SQL is the database management language that our developers have hands-on knowledge. Hire dedicated web developer from us to connect backend language to a database. Our developers will help you on how to store sessions, cookies and cached data.
  • JavaScript- New tools and frameworks get released every year in this popular technology. Outsourcing full stack developers from us can help you write the long codes effortlessly due to the expertise of JS frameworks like React JS, jQuery and Angular JS.
  • REST API and HTTP- Between computer and internet there is interoperability due to REST. Hire dedicated fill-stack developers from us to adds Chrome DevTools and SSL certificates as an additional. We make sure to simplify the communication between client and server.
  • Architectural Details- Leverage the expertise of our remote developers who very well understand the architecture of a web application by the structure of the code and can quickly evaluate the type of data that is needed to be structured.
  • Programming Languages- Hire dedicated backend programmers from us who are well-versed with the languages like, PHP, .NET, Python, Java and many more. Our Back-end developers efficiently understand the logic for building application considering the user authentication.

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