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Web Hosting meaning? Know detail.(Contains Affiliate Links)

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Web Hosting meaning? Know detail.

Web Hosting. Heard it some where? Don’t know the meaning of it? Wanna know the web hosting meaning? Than don’t go any where and keep reading the article.

What is the meaning of Web Hosting?

You all know what a host is. If you don’t know, that’s fine. Simply a host is who setup or organize for work for you. So in this example the man who is doing the work for you is your hosting. Now may started understanding meaning of Web Hosting. Yes, It means a hosting that hosts a website. As simple as that.

Suppose you build a website and named A.com and you want it to be on the internet so that people can get into your site. So you need someone who will store your website data on their own storage and host your website. Just for example you chose Bluehost to mange and store your website data on their database. So, here Bluehost is your web hosting.

How does a Web Hosting works?

I mentioned earlier that a Web hosting stores and manage your websites data on their database. So, obviously they work with a storage. Their are normal server storage and cloud storage that works on web hosting. Now I will not go details about storages and servers in this post. Just to give you a basic information, Cloud storage is faster than normal storage.

So, if you ever dived into a decision between Cloud Storage and normal storage than definitely go with Cloud storage one.

Types of Web Hosting Servers

As I said earlier you will find two types of storage. Cloud and Normal one. But the server type is deferent. You will find 3 types of Web Hosting:-

  • Shared Hosting
  • VPS ( Virtual Privet Server)
  • Dedicated Hosting

1. Shared Hosting

In Shared Hosting you share a portion of a space from a storage which is already in use with other Websites. That’s mean you and others are hosting website in the same storage.

For example, Your website A.com is hosted on Bluehost with a Shared hosted plan. In that case Another person whos web site is B.com might be also on your server storage. It means you and other person is hosted on a same server. That’s what Shared Hosting Is.

So it’s clear that if you chose to take a shared hosting plane on Bluehost or other web hosting provider, than your site won’t be as faster as other. But we have to agree that it provides good value who are looking for hosting for low price. In Bluehost it starts from $2.95 only.

So, Shared Hosting is cheaper and little slower.

2. VPS ( Virtual Privet Server)

The fun fact is Web Hosting providers don’t provide VPS servers. You will know the reason very quickly.

A VPS server is a server that is created by the owner of website meaning you. That’s mean you will create your own server for your hosting. You are the boss in this case.

A VPS server is way more faster than Shared Hosting.

But the problem is if you’re a beginner and don’t know about coding or more technical stuff, you may can’t setup it. So in that case you can follow my website Dotalean where I will post about How you can setup a VPS server in the future.

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3. Dedicated Hosting.

It’s similar to VPS but instead of you creating your own server, Your hosting provider will do it for you. That’s mean you will have a dedicated server where only your website will be hosted.

Example:- Your site A.com is hosted on Bluehost with a dedicated sever plan. In that case, your website will be in full speed in it’s own and only server where no other website will be hosted like Shared hosting.

Hope you got it.

Are Web Hosting Expensive?

Well it depends on the service that you will chose for your Website. Usually a good Shared Hosting cost around $10-$25 per website. And most of the cases that shared hosting plan don’t include some features like Free SSL, Free Domain, More Bandwidth etc.

And the more costly one provides more features and it also charges a lot. Around $30-$50

But it doesn’t mean that you will not get a cheap and also a very good performance Web Hosting. On fact, there some Web Hosting that provides you top pro feature in a competitive price.

Like Bluehost which provides:-

  • High Bandwidth, Unlimited Websites
  • Hosting Included
  • 300+ Design Templates
  • Blog Post Management
  • Image Library with Unlimited Uploads
  • Free SSL
  • Free Domain
  • Free Email Marketing

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