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We’ve built TypeScript ORM for 821 days then this happened

Alex Blokh 39

Drizzle is a menace. It became so good other ORMs will have to get better now

Drizzle ORM got faster

If you want to make something fast — make it slow first 🐌. That’s exactly what we did.

We went public on Jan 3, had completely humble beginnings and then things went wild, Drizzle went off the charts, through the roof and I can’t wait to tell you more about it.

If you’ve been watching us closely — you know we began our journey 7 months ago. We’ve created a Twitter(X) account, made a logo and came out a closet. Despite using Drizzle on production projects internally for 20 months we were overwhelmed by feature requests, feedback, size of the community, sponsorships, mostly everything tbh.

It all comes down to a single point in time. We’ve had a completely regular start, slowly building our user base and then.. we’ve been Dax’ed

Big Bang

Graham’s Number of GitHub stars

If you’ve built a product — you know that it’s really really really really hard to gain your first audience. We’ve spent countless hours on all social platforms promoting Drizzle, gradually building community, collecting feedback and finally found our first major audience on Cloudflare D1 community in Discord.

We’ve been slowly approaching 700 stars, that was completely surreal. Having 700 stars for OSS library means a world, at least we’ve thought that way. Then this video on SST channel happened:

I mean, things went nuts. Hold on a sec, let me grab my milk..

Fast forward today, we now have 7.9k subscribers in Twitter, our Discord community grew to 2.4k developers. We’re overwhelmed with amount of contributions and trying to keep our pace of iterating and managing PRs. We do have a massive product expertise, but OSS is a different game and we’re still learning.