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What is SASS | All-time-dev?

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In this post, we will find out what is SASS. In this post we will find out about its history and what are the advantages, disadvantages, and salary of a SASS/SCSS developer. So, if you are interested and like our posts then share our posts with your developer friends.

What is SASS, its history and why is it used?

SASS is a preprocessor scripting language and it mainly has two syntaxes one is the original syntax and the other one is the indented syntax which uses a similar syntax like HAML. It was initially designed by Hampton Catlin and developed by Natalie Weizenbaum and after that Eppstein also joined Natalie Weizenbaum and extended it using SassScript. It first appeared on November 28, 2006, and its stable version was 3.5.6 which was launched on March 23, 2018. It is also known as SCSS and web developers are also using it and its tutorials are freely available on YouTube in Hindi, English, and other languages and you can also find its courses on Udemy, GEEKS-FOR-GEEKS, and other course selling sites. I will also recommend you some videos in our other section. It is written in Ruby and ported in other popular programming languages like C++, JavaScript, JAVA, and more. The full form of SASS is (short for syntactically awesome style sheets). It is used to compile browser compatible CSS because if we write normal CSS then it is not supported by all browsers. So, for that, we have to write code that will be compatible with all browsers like Apple SAFARI, IE 9 or 10, etc and in that case, SASS compiles your written CSS into CSS code compatible for all browsers. And it also helps you to use variables, nested rules and you can write SASS easily by installing an extension called LIVE SASS COMPILER that will help you watch SASS live without saving your sass file time-to-time and compiles your code into CSS in all text editors like Sublime, VS CODE and ATOM, etc.

Difference between SASS, SCSS, and SassScript?

I have also seen that many people have confusion between SCSS, SASS, and SassScript. Some people believe that SCSS and SASS are different. Some people believe they are the same and SassScript is the language in which SASS is written. So, all of these are wrong. SASS is just a preprocessor scripting language and SCSS is the main syntax of SASS and SassScript is itself a scripting language that is used to compute CSS selector, property, or value using Sass expression. So, if you have a doubt between them then it is cleared.

Advantages and Disadvantages of SASS

SASS is a very good scripting language and it has both advantages and disadvantages. So, now let’s discuss them -

  • It makes your app compatible with all browsers
  • It is very easy to learn
  • It is very stable and powerful
  • It is compatible with all versions of CSS
  • Helps you write clean and less code.
  • Helps you use variables, inline imports, and other functionalities.
  • May Cause of losing benefits of browser’s built-in element inspector
  • Difficult Troubleshooting for developers.
  • Code must be compiled before watching CSS.
  • Need an internet connection for using it.

Learning SASS is worth it or not?

Many people also ask questions that are worth learning SASS/SCSS in 2021. So, I think that it is definitely worth learning not only 2021 but for the future also because all the businesses want that their e-commerce stores or websites, blogs, etc must be from all browsers because they want more sales and users and want that everyone should watch their products even if he is watching it from Safari, Chrome or any other popular web browser and the developers want that they have to write less code and they can give more functionalities to attract more clients by his or her work. SASS makes your website, e-commerce store or etc compatible for all popular browsers that a website owner wants that his or her website should everyone view and it provides you functionalities of a mixin that will help you to re-use a code that you have already written in that. CSS page and variables that will help you write less and there are many more features that will help a developer while creating a website like -

  • Reference symbol ( & ) You might be familiar with the reference symbol, which allows you to reference a parent element as such: .block { &.red { color: red; } }
  • Partials and @import directive.
  • Interpolation.
  • @content directive.

SASS tutorial from Free Code Camp (Credits)

In this video, they give us the basic knowledge of SASS like How to use SASS using Live SASS compiler, how to create a SASS file, how to use variables, mixins, and other helpful features of SASS practically by creating a website design and more. So, if you are interested and want to learn about SASS in detail then you can also visit their channel.

SASS course from design course YouTube channel (credits)

In this video, he showed using SASS in one hour and also created a beautiful web design. He gave all the basic info about variables, nested, mixin, and how to use SASS using the Live SASS compiler. So, if you want to learn SASS fast then you can view his video.