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What Is The Difference Between Free Vs Paid Onlyfans Page?

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The digital world has so much developed that people can make money online by just dropping regular content. Several platforms have been developed where people can make money on the internet, and a very good example is Onlyfans. It is a platform created by Timothy Stokely around November 2016 to enable content creators to earn money via the content they post on the platform by connecting them to the right viewers who subscribe to the content.

However, before you can earn with Onlyfans, you must first create an account which would be a way in which you will be able to put out your content for your fans. Popular celebrities like; Bella Thorns, Cardi B, and many others have used the platform to earn money. For instance, Bhad Barbie made about one million dollars after just six hours of joining the platform and releasing content.

On Onlyfans, you can create two forms of accounts: a free Onlyfans account and a paid Onlyfans account. The accounts are created for the clients. If it is a free Onlyfans account, the clients won’t have to pay anything to get the contents you are sharing. However, if it is a paid account, your fans will have to pay for the content you share on the platform.

Many people always ask about the difference between a free Onlyfans account and a paid one. Some even say that they don’t see the reason for a paid Onlyfans account since it is quite similar to the free ones. However, various things distinguish a free Onlyfans account from a paid Onlyfans account. The aim of this article is to help you know these differences.

Difference Between Free and Paid Onlyfans

1. The difference in the content:

The first difference between free and paid Onlyfans accounts is the content is being posted on both accounts. Most time on free Onlyfans accounts, the contents posted are not exclusive. The content can be anything apart from what the content creator has posted on his/her main account, and most times, they are not personal or proprietary content.

This means that anything can be posted on the account by the content creator to the fans. Paid Onlyfans accounts on the other hand are for exclusive contents alone. Since the fans have paid to see what the creator cannot just post anywhere, they are privileged to see personal and exclusive content from the content creator.

Availability and accessibility:

This is another huge difference between a paid Onlyfans account and a free Onlyfans account. For a free Onlyfans account, it is easily accessible and readily available for all the fans of the content creator.

Since they don’t need to pay for the contents, they can always access the contents. However, even if you a fan of a creator, if the creator is operating a paid Onlyfans account, you will never be able to access the contents on the account until you have paid for the account. A free Onlyfans account can be easily accessible, but for a paid Onlyfans account, the fans will have to pay to get the exclusive contents of the creator.

Getting Sponsorship:

There are instances in which brands and companies sponsor some accounts on Onlyfans, but not for free accounts. There aren’t any sponsors for free accounts; it is just created by the content creator for the pleasure of his or her fans.

However, when it comes to paid Onlyfans accounts, most times, there are sponsors in brands and companies that give the content creator a certain amount of percentage of the total money earned from the account. Hence, there are no sponsors for free accounts while there are sponsors for paid, exclusive accounts.

Conclusively, it should be noted that the only way fans of a creator can gain access to the exclusive content of the creator is by subscribing to their paid account.

Making money with a free Onlyfans Vs Paid Onlyfans page:

Now, this is a tricky question. You can make thousands of dollars from a free Onlyfans page as well as a paid Onlyfans page. It is all about how you proceed with monetization. I have a great article about this on Vocal here: Can You Make More Money With Free OnlyFans Account or a Paid OnlyFans Account?

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