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What’s New in Angular 17

Rakia Ben Sassi 38

Angular 17 features
Angular 17 features (source — edited by author)

The Angular team couldn’t keep it a secret any longer. They just dropped some exciting news last Monday on YouTube before releasing version 17 of the framework on November 8, 2023.

In addition to features, like signals and standalone components, which were in the developer preview in previous releases, the framework got a makeover to keep up with the times. Angular has now a new site, fresh docs, and a snazzy new logo! It’s like the framework got a whole new wardrobe.

If you’re as pumped as I am about Angular’s latest release, you won’t want to miss this post. Join me as I dive into how you can level up your Angular game.

Angular 17 new logo
Angular 17 new logo (source)

Among the exciting features of the new release, there is a new template control block syntax with a declarative control flow. This means smoother and more expressive coding!

Now, let me spill the beans on the star of the show: Deferred loading blocks.

Deferred Loading Blocks

With Angular 17, a @defer control block enables lazy loading of your content. It also extends to the content’s dependencies, including components, directives, and pipes.

And the best part?

Deferrable views allow you to load only the views that are necessary for the current user interaction. Translation: faster initial load times and a more optimized experience. Who doesn’t love speed and efficiency?

@defer {

} @loading (after 100ms; minimum 1s) {


} @error {

Failed to load the content ☹️


Igor Sedov has brewed up some examples and use-case scenarios in a video that’s bound to make your coding heart skip a beat: