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Why React Native Is The Right Solution For Enterprise Mobile App Development

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Planning to migrate your business to digital platforms? Typically, there are hundreds of options available to build enterprise applications. But in recent years, why has React Native become the most favourable framework for developing enterprise mobile applications?

Before we get straight into the reasons, it is important to understand the basic need of the organisations while aiming to build a mobile application.

As you have landed on this blog, you might have one of these concerns:

  • Offering a better user experience by providing quick information about the business through the mobile app.
  • Building an extensive app for Android and iOS smartphones and capturing the biggest user segment of the mobile app market.
  • Quickly market your app and save on budget.

No matter what your reason is, React Native app development framework is a perfect fit for all your modern business app development needs.

Since the space of mobile apps is already dense and heavily occupied, therefore, entering into this area and executing your idea with the average flair of technology will not help you get an edge in the competitive market.

Hence, in order to do this effectively and with great control, you need to pick a competitive platform and go with a process that ensures quality and value with developing native apps.

And that’s where React Native has outshined by offering a plethora of benefits over others.

Before you get straight to hire React Native app developers, is it worth taking the overview of this global leading app development framework.

Overview of React Native: A Cross-Platform App Development Frame By Facebook

React Native is an open-source cross-platform mobile app development framework, initiated by Facebook in March 2015. Being based on Javascript programming language, developing a native app solution (iOS and Android) with React Native is the easiest approach.

But what makes it so desirable as a cross-platform app development framework for enterprise applications?

The ability to allow you easily build codes and its reusability across multiple platforms makes it a prime choice among developers and enterprises. And everything comes real and bright when this framework offers a unique combination of features and resources in a single package.

If you are considering taking on a new mobile project and wondering whether React Native is a worthy choice, then you need to go through the key highlights.

Why Using React Native Is a Right Option For Enterprise App Development?

In a quick span of time, React Native has established a strong foothold in the market and thus businesses of all sizes consider React Native as an option for native as well enterprise app development.

Here are the 3 major reasons why React Native is catching the hype among businesses:

1. Industry Titans Are Using React Native

When it comes to choosing the best framework for mobile app development, enterprises have the soft side to React Native. Big giants from all across the world have got their hands on this framework and never face disappointments. With the collaboration of the best app development company, they have leveraged the best possible features of this framework and stand apart in the industry. The top leaders such as Skype, UberEats, Facebook, Pinterest, Vogue, Tesla, Bloomberg and others have turned towards React Native for Android and iOS app development.

Surely, you got inspired to hire an app developer to get started with your new project. However, many of you are wondering why enterprises are rapidly inclining towards React Native for enterprise app development?

  • Code Reusability and Sharing

— Customizing the front-end of any app is a time-consuming task, and with React Native, front-end/presentation code can be shared between iOS and Android.
— The business concept can be shared with applications as well without having to build any separate app.
— Code-reusability between multiple platforms saves a great time and effort on development.

  • App Store Approval

The biggest perk of hiring a React Native app development company is you can host multiple apps on your own server and implement over-the-air- updates. This will cut down the practice of going through the app store approval process and make it easier to manage app updates.

  • Better Productivity

Since 95% of code scripts can be shared between iOS and Android, therefore enterprises prefer using React Native for mobile app development.

  • Single Team Required

A single framework and codebase can help you develop apps for both platforms including iOS and Android, therefore, the single team with the expertise of Javascript can help you implement these codes for both native apps.

  • UI/UX Design

React Native is a brilliant choice of framework for enterprise app development as it provides you with platform-specific UI design and enables you to build highly engaging app designs.

  • Animations

Implementing animations in React Native enterprise applications is quite easier as the codes are converted into native views before rendering.

  • Quick To Market

Being an entrepreneur, the biggest concern of launching an app is how long it takes to develop and market? With React Native, you can have complete control over the app releasing dates. By using the same codebase, you can build multiple apps although in fast turnarounds.

2. Popular Future-Oriented Programming Language

Mobile app development is quite a time taking job that involves huge efforts and brainstorming. So nobody wants to go for a framework that doesn’t have any future scope.

But React Native, being based on Javascript programming language which exists for more than 15 years and still holding the same importance in web app development, it is clear that React Native framework is not going anywhere in the future as well.

3. Popular Cross-Platform Programing Language

As compared to traditional app development approaches, React Native has become a choice of 42% of global developers due to the availability of various features. The biggest feedback from app developers for React Native is they don’t need to restart their packager to see every little change. By leveraging the hot reload feature, developers can make instant changes in the real-time front-end. Secondly, a mobile app can be developed for Android and iOS without writing a different code script.

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These are the few most crucial highlights of React Native that enable it to grab the attention of enterprises. But most of the newcomer’s first question is “How Did React Native be beneficial for Enterprises?”…..

If you are also in the same dilemma, then read further!

What Makes React Native a Versatile Business Solution?

Wondering how React Native can help you bridge a gap between your goals and success? here’s how React Native is empowering enterprises and prove to be a perfect solution in 2021:

a. Multi-Platform Support

As per the survey, the app stores are dominated by Android and iOS applications. By offering seamless multi-platform compatibility, React Native provides the opportunity to enterprises to cater to all mobile app markets. Due to its cross-platform compatibility, there’s no need of writing extra lines of platform-specific codes and developing a business mobile app becomes far easier.

The multi-platform support will speed up your time-to-market with apps across both iOS and Android and ensure complete control of app launch.

b. No More Recompiling Required With React Native

If there is anything more frustrating and irritating than writing codes for the same app into different programming languages that are waiting for the app to compile and seeing the least of it when they are into the process of development.

React Native understands the changing needs of the app development and with the core focus on enhancing the entire app development process, it ensures time-optimized results for compilation.

Apart, the biggest perk of hiring an app developer for React Native App development is they get a chance to add file watchers that automatically reload the app while saving a file. It simply means that everything in your app will instantly and automatically be updated and reflected on the front-end whenever developers introduce any changes or add anything new.

c. Native Type App Performance

Business apps developed with React Native framework works almost as same as Native mobile apps. The app’s UI animation will remain as smooth as you are accessing the native app, no matter how heavy the compilations are.

In addition, React Native apps also give you the freedom to switch from Java to Swift and vice-versa as per the needs of your business.

d. Ideal Option For App Development Under Tight Budget Constraints

Whether you are starting up a business or migrating your existing business to the mobile app, money is always the biggest concern for business owners. Since everyone hopes to get bigger and faster returns to survive in the tech-savvy world, React Native is the perfect choice to go for. It ensures faster development by using 90 to 95% of the same codebase in app development. Hence, hiring a React Native developer will be the perfect choice when you are working under tight budgets.

e. Seamless Integration of Third-Party Plugins

While using the cross-platform app development framework, you often require the support of third-party integrations to enhance the performance of the app.

Let’s say, you need to add a route tracking feature to your app, then you can choose to add Google Maps functionality to your app and make it serve the purpose.

The level of compatibility and quality of integration offers a greater value output without any glitches or downtimes.

And the React Native app based on the Google app functionality makes fine use of the device’s functional capabilities and ensures excellent performance.

Summing Up

Hopefully, by the end of this blog, you have got a crystal clear picture of why React Native has become a prime choice for enterprise app development and why you should go for it for mobile app development in 2021. If you have any app idea that you want to translate into a robust solution by using React Native Framework, then it is worth hiring a mobile app development company that helps develop an all-time multidimensional mobile app that is user-friendly and ensures better returns on your business.

As you have noticed lots of benefits are coming from the React Native framework, so if you are ready to implement all these in your app development solution, then you can contact us or drop a query below!

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