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Why to go for Go Lang?

Ravi Sanapala 4

What is Go ?

Go was created in 2007 by software engineers at Google. Also called Golang, Go aimed to increase programmer productivity by offering a better programming experience than popular languages in use at the time.

Google’s goal was to create a compiled, statically typed, readable and writable language that performed well — specifically in the area of concurrency and high performance network.

Backed by a strong community, Go has attained undeniable and widespread popularity. In the most recent Tiobe Index, an estimation of the world’s most popular programming languages, Go ranked in as #15.

Although the design of most languages concentrates on innovations in syntax, semantics, or typing, Go is focused on the software development process itself.

Trend of Go


Getting Started with Go

I Recommend the book http://www.golang-book.com/. If you are an experienced programmer, than The Go Programming Language (Effective Go) is the place to start.

I find the tour (A Tour of Go) to be fairly confusing to most new Go developers. Once you have the fundamentals from the above links established, then the tour tends to make more sense.

Be sure to join some go communities, like the golang group: Google Groups or the Slack channel (https://gophers.slack.com/messages/general/). You can sign up for the channel free with this google form: http://bit.ly/go-slack-signup

A better Approach to Learn Go

If you would wish to start learning Go, a good source of tutorials and books written by experts and those ahead in the language can be of high value to your quest.

  • Jump into Go basics, including data types, variables, and control structures
  • Learn complex types, such as slices, functions, structs, and interfaces
  • Explore Go’s core library and learn how to create your own package
  • Write tests for your code by using the language’s go test program
  • Learn how to run programs concurrently with goroutines and channels
  • Get suggestions to help you master the craft of programming