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Why Web Working Rocks: It Lets Us Live in the Moment

Mohamed Aboelez 74

Why Web Working Rocks: It Lets Us Live in the Moment

Mohamed Aboelez
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What do you love about web working?

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The holiday season gives us many opportunities to make memories. 20 years from now, we’ll reflect back on the fun times and the sad times we’ve had.

Many of us are web workers because we want to spend less time commuting to work and more quality time with family, doing things we enjoy year-round. But life sometimes gets in the way and we forget to enjoy the little moments.

Those little moments don’t mean the big things like making a rare trip to the museum or catching a show. It can simply be watching your six-year-old read, going to lunch with a friend, looking at the stars on a clear night, playing a game with your family, or walking your dog on a spring-like day.

I think we all agree that the older we get, the faster time flies. Remember when you were a child that time took “forever” to get out of school, to reach your next birthday, and to earn your driver’s license? Now events sneak up on us. Here’s why web working rocks and gives us time to enjoy the little things in our lives.

  • Flexible uniforms and workouts. Web workers can wear whatever they want. I mostly wear shorts and a T-shirt or sweatpants and a sweatshirt. This way, I’m comfortable and always ready to work out.
  • Convenient workouts. We can exercise when it’s best for us rather than trying to squeeze it in during lunch, waking up extra early before work, or fighting the after-work crowd. I work best in the morning, so I exercise in the early afternoon when my mind starts to lag.
  • Personal appointments. When an appointment takes longer than anticipated, we don’t have to stay later in a corporate office to make up for it. We’re already where we need to be and can make up the work easily at night or some other time. If there’s a special event in town that only happens during the day, we don’t have to use a personal day to attend.
  • Volunteer any time. Since moving to full-time web work, I’ve been able to volunteer more often and take non-profit board positions, which tend to have meetings during the weekdays. I have many memories of doing volunteer work that only occurred during the weekday.
  • Enjoy interests and hobbies. I joined a tennis…